Monkey Business

I actually adore running in the rain…just not with a babe in tow.

Rain…again.  Putting off groceries…again.  See, the thing about food shopping is this: I actually enjoy it when I’m sauntering through the aisles, coffee in hand, mouth closed.  As in, not saying in my best I’m-a-calm-and-not-yelling-mama voice, “No.  We will not be buying CrunchySugarDyedPreservative Oh’s.  Don’t touch that.  Don’t TOUCH that.  DON’T TOUCH THAT.”  But I was gonna brave it all and cart the babe along today in the interest of having fresh goodies when the older two returned on the bus.  But rain and a potential toddler meltdown?  I just don’t have it in me today.  Healthy shopping will once again be done post-monkey-bedtime.  Padded rooms don’t flatter me.

Of course, the run is still on the schedule, just moved to the treadmill (which – knock on wood and say a small prayer – continues to work!).  Today is a 70-minute pace run (my favorite!) to be squeezed into naptime hours.  And followed by a little High&Tight with my new squeeze Leandro.  If the babe follows his recent schedule (THREE HOUR NAPS! HOORAH!), I can even do a little Bum Bum (since I missed it yesterday and I figure my run more than makes up for the Cardio Axe workout).  Insanity will go on the backburner today as it is “merely” Max Recovery.  I’m taking each day on a workout-by-workout basis.  I simply don’t have the 3+ hours to hold to a true schedule for each current program I am participating in right now.  I wish I did…and the alone time to do them without explaining what I’m doing.

He’s watching my back(side).

Although, two nights ago, I much preferred the questions and the chats while I huffed and puffed through Insanity Max Plyo with my little shadow.  Here’s the setup at the M&M Estate: every day, as part of their chore lists, the monkeys are required to complete one physical activity.  Choices range from football/cheer practice/games, yoga, Tony & The Kids, or a run/walk with Mom or Dad.  On this evening, our Werewolf was low on time and in need of the DVD player I was currently using.  I told him to join me for one round of one segment – about 4 minutes.  He stayed for the remaining 40.  I never laughed or even smiled during Plyo before but found myself so thoroughly enjoying his company and enthusiasm that the time simply flew by.  Not to mention, he’s much better than me at power pushups and now my goal is to match him.  Yes, that’s right…I hope to be as fit and strong as my 6-year-old…

They make a FitMama proud.

Then last night, all three insisted on trying out the pullup bar.  Repeatedly.  The babe (obviously) required extra help from Dad.  The Bear pushed for 2 on her own, to be slightly topped by the Werewolf with his 3.  How many can I do?  One.  These monkeys are showin’ me up!  Which means this mama is steppin’ it up.  Extra pullups and pushups.  Every day.  I gotta keep settin’ that example, right?  I swear, I’m not in competition with these wee creatures…That would just be silly…right?

No lie – he hears the blender, climbs into his seat, and commences drumming his fingers. This boy loves his Shakeology!

I am lovin’ it.  I love that they are enthusiastic about fitness.  I love that they are carting their Paleo lunches to school every day.  I love that we have a running dialogue (no pun intended) regarding nutrition and health and goal achievement.  These monkeys are goin’ places.  And Mama’s hot on their heels…


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