Namaste, Little Werewolf…

I highly suggest finding one for your very own.

I have discovered, hands down, the best way to do Insanity.  What you do is, you get your very own uber-enthusiastic Werewolf…

No, seriously.  This kid right here is fun.  He does the moves because he loves them.  He smiles and chats and encourages his mama.  (Wondering about the nickname? He’s convinced he’s a werewolf because he has sharp teeth on the bottom.  Sharp teeth on the top, you’re a vampire.  Duh.)  And after we pushed our way through Max Plyo?  We did a round of A.M. Yoga with Rodney Yee.  The Werewolf is a huge fan of Mr. Yee and practices with him about three times a week.  Namaste, little dawgie.  And I needed that shove into hip openers.  I have lacked in my own flexibility as of late and this morning’s routine was a fabulous reminder of just how goooooooooood it feels to stretch those strong muscles OUT.  Again I say – this is the poor woman’s massage.

Plus, now that I am finally back on track with bedtime and rising time and my morning workout is in the bag…I’ve got some time this evening to do a lil’ Brazil Butt Lift.  And then I’m totally back on track with EACH AND EVERY program I’m currently involved with (they all know about each other, so it’s completely cool…).  Feels good to be Queen right about now.

Overworked?  Hell NO.  At least, not when it comes to working out.  Here’s the thing, the secret in the sauce, if you will: I feel better and saner when I kick butt for more than an hour a day.  Not sayin’ that sort of time commitment works for everyone; it doesn’t always work for me, in fact.  There are days I must prioritize, and then event training wins first place.  Insanity is a close second and BBL rounds out the group.  BUT – and it’d be a big but if I wasn’t workin’ it so much – on the days I can toss two together?  I feel like I just won a free vacation from housework, cooking, and answering random questions beginning with “Hey, Mom.  Guess what?”  A sweaty mama is a happy mama.  A happy mama is a happy family.  True story.

PLUS – I got to watch the Werewolf play some football and the Bear do some cheering.  I got to socialize and talk to other grownups.  And tonight I have plans to put all little beasts to bed EARLY so Hubs and I can finally catch up on True Blood (talk about fit bodies…rawr!).


What am I trying to say?  Today, Readers, was a GOOD DAY.  And I give lots of credit to the fact that it started out with fitness.  You can find me tomorrow morning, same time, same place.  Well, maybe.  I do have the opportunity to take things outdoors tomorrow…Who wants a post about running?!?!

Namaste, SweatItOuters.  I’ll see YOU tomorrow.