This is real and close by…<3

Here’s what’s on my mind this beautiful fall morning:

*Gotta get the first round of shirts ordered, then start working up a second batch.

*Gotta decide on the next logo item.

*Gotta get the baking and food prep done for this evening and tomorrow.

*Gotta get a 10 lb. ball to do at-home CrossFit workouts.

*Can’t wait for my foam roller to arrive on Friday.

*How far can I run with the jogging stroller and a heavy babe in tow?

*I freakin’ love what I do.

And isn’t that really what it comes down to?  I’m doing all the stuff on that list because I love it.  Building a business can be rough goin’, but I have to admit – I am excited every freakin’ day to find out where things are going and how I can make it bigger and better.  I love sitting down at my desk every morning and responding to emails, posts, and messages.  I sip my coffee, my water, my Shakeology, and I dish about all things FitLife-related.  I’d pinch myself, but the smell emanating from the babe’s diaper makes me certain that this is real life.  The past year has been so exciting, in fact, that I am on the edge of my comfy ergonomic seat to see what’s gonna develop over the next twelve months.

That’s at the core of every conversation I have lately: GOALS.  What they are, how to achieve them, how to keep them in focus and dynamic.  That’s the hardest part, I think – keeping them dynamic and interesting.  You’ve gotta take ’em out and shine ’em up every now and again, make ’em new so you’ll keep moving towards them.  If you can stay all googly-eyed over your goals, the rest is cake (coconut flour, no-sugar cake).  Here’s how I keep my goals all sparkly.

There’s lots of ’em and they’re ALL shiny!

First, I sit down and daydream.  You know how you fantasize about that winning lottery ticket or the day Sealy Booth becomes a real person and forgets all about Bones when he sees you?  You know, the things we all desire…Where was I?  Oh, right…daydreams…What would you attempt if you knew there was no way to fail?  Those are the BIGHUGEGINORMOUS goals you’re gonna reach for.  They’re BIGHUGEGINORMOUS-ness tends to be overwhelming once the excitement wears off, but that’s where the smallteenybitesize goals come in.  Every big goal is made up of – you guessed it – lots of little goals.  The key is deciding what those little goals are and how much time you need to accomplish them.  And that’s the other thing – ya gotta give yourself a due date.  Otherwise, there’s the off chance that you may push things aside when life stuff crops up.  And you can’t do that.  It isn’t allowed.

Now that you have your little goals, focus on those.  They are your new puppy, adorable kitten goals.  Cute and tiny, the perfect size to snuggle up with and show off.  And yes – SHOW THEM OFF.  Every time you bust through another goal, you gotta BRAG.  I’ll give you three great reasons to brag about each and every success:

1.  It feels damn good.

2.  It holds you accountable for further goal busting.

3.  It makes your supporters proud and your haters jealous.

My own goals range from physical fitness to nutritional fitness to rebuilding my 1,000-year-old home to simply reading a novel all on my own.  That last one can sometimes be the most difficult to accomplish.  (I do a lot of magazine reading and reading with the monkeys…I yearn for private reading time with some actual literature.)  So every day, I sit down and tick off my daily to-do list.  Sometimes, I don’t get to the writing of it as soon as I’d like, but I start plowing through those things I know need done (read: housework and drudgery).  Know what?  When I finally do get to writing it, I still list those things alreay done just so I can check them off.  Because those checks feel good, too.  And nothing pleases me more than checking off every single item.  At least, I assume nothing would please me more.  It hasn’t happened yet.

You see, what happens is, I keep getting these bursts of brilliance throughout my day, especially if I’ve got a good long run scheduled.  Then the to-do list expands.  There’s always more to do and that’s GREAT.  That’s FABULOUS.  That means my shine is not dwindling and there will be excitement to get started the next day.

I love Chalene Johnson’s catchphrase for its simplicity: “Do More.”  That means do more today than you did yesterday.  Live a little harder, run a little faster, abandon your preconceived notions of what you are or are not capable of.  Do more.  Just because you want to and just because you can.



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