Running Away From It All

After a weekend away, sweat sure does do a body good.  And to think – I nearly abandoned my workout in favor of…*thurp*…cleaning.

It was one of those tricky moments…the dryer was buzzing, the babe was napping, and we’ve got a new sitter coming this afternoon and I always like for people to not be punched in the nose by the homey perfume of our lovely mutts.  I was in that zone, wiping and mopping and folding, oh my!  I kept thinking, just another half hour and then I’ll hop on the treadmill.

The thing is, those half hours really begin to add up quickly.  They fly right by and next thing you know the bus is outside and that peaceful babe has a diaper full of his own homey perfume.  And you’re still not showered, and it’s time for Girl Scouts and football practice.  And when you get back home you’re still not showered and the laundry, though sorted, is still spread across the bed and last week’s DVRed episodes of the Daily Show haven’t been completely viewed yet.

Best thing, then, is to just put down the Pledge and back away slowly.  Literally run away from it all.  So sure, we’ll be pulling clean clothing from the hampers for tomorrow and the dogs still have dreadlocks instead of fluffy fur.  But I got my hour-long easy run in and banged out a CrossFit Mamas WOD.  Tonight I’ll have just enough time to work out some tension with yoga and a session with my foam roller (new equipment! *clappinghandsbouncingontoes*).

And guess what?  Tomorrow the same thing is likely to happen.  The chores are never quite done and the house is never quite as organized as I’d prefer.  I’ve got far more interesting stuff on my to-do list and I’m happier with a workout sweat than a vigorous dusting/window cleaning sweat.

The nice thing is I’m quite certain Hubby is very pleased with the end result…


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