Quick Recap

No, I have not forgotten you.  I was not ignoring you nor giving you the cold shoulder…I was *shudder* without internet for nearly a week.  Thank the heavens for Siri, at least I still had an adult to converse with in my isolation.  And how did SAHM’s survive before Facebook mobile, I ask you!  Let us all clasp our hands together and close our eyes as we give thanks for my much anticipated return to the blogging world.

Because I know you noticed, right?  You were likely wearing tracks in your carpet, pacing all through the days, awaiting the next post.  I’d give you a hug, but I have coffee breath and need a shower.

So here’s what’s been on my mind: Crossfit Mamas (I’m obsessed), my November challenge group, Paleo shopping/cooking, running, sports bras, and the return of Monday night tv.  Let’s just go straight through the list, shall we?

I know I’ve spoken of Crossfit Mamas, but let me just say…WOW.  I love this girl.  I love these workouts.  My ass loves these workouts.  I thought I was pretty slammin’ this summer…But oh my good GOD, am I hot now.  I scratched my ass yesterday and was quite impressed with the near steel-like quality.  So if you haven’t yet sneaked a peek at this blog, do yourself and your own ass a favor.  Click on the link under Other Blogs That Rock and take a gander.  Better yet, do the WOD.  And then do it tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.  Just trust me.

Hello, muscle. Buh-bye, fat.

Now, as for my November challenge group…I am goin’ all old school and doin’ a Chalene hybrid, combining the two programs that changed my FitLife and put me on my fitness journey.  Starting November 1, I am hosting a group via Facebook (you can find me by liking my SweatItOut fan page over there on your right) in which the participants will be doing combos of either TurboFire or TurboJam (depending on fitness level) and ChaLEAN Extreme (it works for every level).  We are also honing in on nutrition and working off a points contest to keep motivation high.  Yes, awesome prizes will be awarded.  Yes, the most awesome prize of all will be an elevated level of fabulosity.  Yes, we would love to have you join us.  Just contact me via email or Facebook and I will commence butt kicking.

Paleo shopping/cooking is gonna be a whole ‘nother blog post, simply because my lovely friend introduced me to Elias Market right in Allentown and I hoarded a week’s worth of produce for the entire clan for only $75.  Trust me – much less than what we normally spend.  Plus, keep in mind that most of our diet consists of produce.  BAM.  I am taking the camera next time and promise you a very informative and witty account of my shopping experience.  So you got that goin’ for ya.

If I’m not answering your texts and calls, I’m running.  Five to six days a week, never less than 45 minutes.  I even uncovered a holy grail of sorts when I donned a new sports bra found, of all places, at Target.  I typically find the greatest support comes from Under Armour, but I also find myself in a wrestling match when the time comes to remove said support.  I no longer have the stamina required to dislocate my shoulder whilst hopping about the room and screaming for someone, anyone to please FOR THE LOVE OF SWEAT help me out of this *expletive* bra.  How excited was I to discover this little gem during my latest perusal of the aisles?!  Back hook closure, adjustable shoulder straps, and cup sizing – oh MY!  I took it on an hour-long test run and it not only did the job, this sucker ought to start campaigning for presidentof Boobsupportland.  Beyond comfortable, I never even paused to make an adjustment.  (Hey, guys have their adjustments; we gals have ours.)  Best part?  Eighteen bucks.  Get one.

Champion Advanced. Target. $18.

Now, the return of Monday night tv is both a good and a bad thing.  It is divine because I am a tremendous fan of How I Met Your Mother, Bones, and Two Broke Girls.  It is a bad thing because that’s a lot of time in front of the screen.  Not to mention, I am typically playing catch up the following day as I pass out as soon as my sweet lil’ noggin hits the pillow.  How to retain FitGal status while still partaking in the legen…dary antics of Mr. Stinson?  DVR to the rescue!  I am going to record my favorites via the living room setup so I can watch while I run and do Crossfit Mamas!  GENIUS!

Now you’re all caught up with me.  So tell me – what have you been up to?  Oh, hold that thought…Long Island Medium just came on…


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