The Ol’ M&B Trail

The Werewolf and I awoke with major hiking plans.  It’s finally fall, aka The Season of Hiking Perfection.  And because we were already headed to Cabela’s to drop the Bear with Aunt DeeDee (they had major mani/pedi plans), we chose the fabulous and family-friendly Hawk Mountain.

Only it was overcrowded and we forgot they charged trail fees.

All was good.  We have been dying to hike Wolf Rock in dear ol’ Bangor, a section of the Appalachian Trail near to our front door.  Only the directions provided us by Google maps continually instructed us to turn left…into the trees…so after circling the same 5-mile loop three times and realizing we had left home sans cash or an even remotely full tank of gas, we coasted back the Estate much deflated. 

But mid-coast I had a stroke of brilliance.  Our backyard!  We are always impressing people with our nice supply of acreage, but little use has been made for hiking purposes since pre-Babe.  It was time to explore our Queendom.

Now, the near three hours spent in the gas-guzzling minivan paired with a night of little sleep (you try catching z’s whilst sharing a bed with a snoring engineer and bellyachin’ Babe and see how you fare) had left this Queen more than mildly cranky.  I was tired (still am, actually) and wanted nothing more than – *gasp* – a bacon cheeseburger and a side of diner fries to be followed toute de suite with a lengthy nap.  But those little Wolf eyes had been patient and enthusiastic and incredibly adorable through the entire morning, full up as it was of disappointments.  So we coated ourselves in Off and left our annoyances behind.

One left turn off our main trail, and we had discovered our own Terabithia.  We climbed steep hills, ran through fields, and found fascination in every movement of the branches, the clouds, the leaves.  Thanks to my trusty iPhone, we even had a soundtrack courtesy of Mumford & Sons to complete our little paradise.  Nearly two miles later, my funk is lifted, we’ve both been active (and outdoors!), and we have a new tradition – the only requirement of which is to step out our back door.

Which we plan on doing tomorrow morning.  There were lots of other roads less travelled that we need to investigate.  In the meantime, I can’t give any specifics on exactly which course we followed.  I am under strict orders that the ol’ M&B Trail (that’s Mama&Bubba to you new folk) is ours and ours alone.

Now, I am fairly certain I’m gonna be headin’ out those trails solo in the near future with some new trail runnin’ shoes (my brain never stops lookin’ for new workouts)…but today it was more about the magic…and being gently reminded that even the most obvious trails can be mysterious and exciting if you look at them just right.


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