Did I Mention I’m Awesome?

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I really enjoy working out.

For real.  I mean I like it so much that even if I could get the same results without workouts, I’d still work out.  And continue to be annoyingly chipper about it.  I am continually baffled by those that do not enjoy their exercise time.  Something tells me they’re just doing it wrong.  And if they’d just do everything I tell them to do, they’d start doing it right.

I was going to do just a short run on Sunday.  As in, just half an hour instead of my scheduled 1:20.  I had places to be and I had overslept.  But once my lil’ ol’ legs started pumpin’ I found I just couldn’t quit.  Not only did I bust out the entire scheduled run, I ran farther in that time frame than I ever had before.  A 10:30 pace may not beat the hare, but it’s sure as hell faster than the turtle.  It felt great.  Fantastic.  Wonderful.  And lots of other words that mean AWESOME.  So awesome, in fact, that I followed it up with a CrossFit Mamas WOD.  Which made me feel even more awesome.  I was so awesome it was oozing out my pores.  Or maybe that was sweat.  Either way, I’m still AWESOME.

Today was supposed to be an easy run.  Just one hour.  I kept to the one hour, but I had to up my speed.  I averaged out at another 10:30 pace.  I even managed to hold conversations at my faster paces.  Which means, you know, that my previous tempo speed is now my easy speed.  I’m gettin’ closer and closer to hare status.  Trifecta, here I come!

I have been hesitant to post my goal times for the three upcoming races because I was lacking confidence in my ability to make them.  I haven’t been able to train outside nearly as often as I’d like.  I’ve even – gasp! – missed some training runs.  Then I remembered who I am (Queen of Awesomeland) and that I’ve been training pretty hard for well over a year now.  Not always running, mind you.  But things like TurboFire and a lil’ ol’ program called Insanity.  My cardio level is higher than it’s ever been and it just keeps getting higher.  Pretty soon, it may catch up to my Ego.

I may be leaning out, but my Ego is seriously inflated.  I’m stronger, fitter, faster, and quite frankly, hotter than ever before.  My butt now passes the pencil test.  Yes, I checked.  I am actually sad to bid adieu to tank tops and bikinis.  I am seriously amped (yes, I said “amped”) for my next Spartan Race.  Because I know I will kill it.  Sometimes I flex in the mirror and wink at myself.  After all, I’m damn sexy.

But it’s not all about the outer appearance.  Much of my strut comes from feeling strong.  I love knowing my arms can carry each of my children without strain; my legs will carry me easily through hikes even with a tired toddler in tow.  I like being able to move heavy objects without waiting for Hubby (even though sometimes I wait anyway).  I enjoy the simple ease of movement a fit body allows.  My breaths are even and deep, not labored and quick, during my daily activities.  My limbs are not heavy and I do not struggle to stand after sitting or lying down.  My body functions as it is supposed to thanks to a commitment to exercise and a dedication to clean eating.  It’s not magic.  It’s not new.  And it’s available to everyone.

So my goals are as follows: 30 minutes/5k, 60 minutes/10k, 2:30/half marathon.  There.  I said it.  In public and everything.  Because I know that my body will make it happen.  Now, I expect I will freak out and train a little harder.  Failure is simply NOT an option for this FitGal.

And for the record, it shouldn’t be an option for you either.  Just sayin’.


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