Talkin’ ‘Bout My Girl

Let me begin today’s post with a word of caution: if you are easily offended or overly sensitive, close this tab now and go about your little day.  I’m going to vent and I’m going to do so in a highly sarcastic and grating manner.

Here’s what’s gotten under my gorgeous glowing skin (what up, Paleo!) today: the whole “real women have curves” monotony.  Not because we don’t (I count myself among the curvy) but because there are plenty of other women that, despite narrow hips and smaller racks, are still very much REAL.  Why the hate?  And yes, that’s a rhetorical question, because I’m pretty sure we all know the answer.

Here’s what got me thinking today.  This morning, I watched with a good amount of pride as Hubby helped our Bear on the chin up bar.  The gal is obsessed ever since her brother beat her out with repetitions.  If she has a free moment, she is working her upper body on that bar.  In fact, this morning she was doing negatives.  That’s right.  She’s learning how to increase her strength by doing negatives.  And as I watched her determination and dedication, I was impressed with her increased strength and her drive.  That little face with its jaw set and eyes narrowed was stunningly beautiful.  She is already strong.

She is also skinny.  Yes, we feed her.  We even do it multiple times throughout the day.  Finding jeans to fit her bitty frame was an arduous task, so when we hit the jackpot at Justice we spent a fair amount of time in the dressing room.  As I repeatedly thanked the saleswoman, she recounted a similar little girl’s triumph from a day before, adding, “Just feed these girls, for crying out loud!”  Said with a smile, but…I hear it too often to find it amusing.  If my daughter was at the other end of the spectrum, would you feel as free to comment on her body?  That’s rhetorical, too.

She is incredibly petite (8 years old and just hitting a size 6).  She is also incredibly active and incredibly fit.  This is a girl that does pushups on her toes and with proper form.  She is a cheerleader and a gymnast.  And yes, again…she eats.  She eats quite a lot in fact and is often a member of the Clean Plate Club.  Yet, there’s the tiny frame and giraffe-like legs.  So, tell me…is she not beautiful?  Will she not, too, be a “real woman?”

She may gain a few curves as she matures (she comes from a pretty curvy mama), but what if she doesn’t?  When you continually call her “skinny” and question her parents (typically within her earshot, as though she can’t answer) about her eating habits…what message do you think you’re sending?  And again, would you be so free with the judgements and the labeling if she were overweight?

Strong and fit and Spartan!

Luckily, she knows she’s packin’ serious guns under her tshirts.  She knows her ab muscles are supposed to be visible and that her quad muscles are strong enough for her to excel at whatever activity she chooses.  She knows that not only big is beautiful;  strong and fit and healthy is gorgeous as well.

And if I were you, I’d back off with all that “skinny” talk before she learns to throw a right hook.



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