Fall In Love

If you think there’s a better time of year than right now…well, you’re just wrong.

I do quite enjoy spring and summer; I love the warmth, the sunshine, the beach, the outdoors.  I downright loathe winter and everything that goes with it (aside from Christmas and hot cocoa).  But fall…now that’s just perfection.

First of all, it’s gorgeous.  The reds, the golds, the oranges!  Can’t beat it!  And when those lovely colors drift to the ground, they create pleasant crunching sounds beneath running feet.  An added benefit for runners?  That sweet chill in the air.  It is the perfect balance between the roasting humidity of summer and the outright frostiness of winter.  Running in that gentle golden light relaxes and invigorates in the same moment.  There is no light like October light.  This, in my totally biased opinion, is the best time of year to start running.  You can discover the zen and the love to carry you through those bitter winter months.

Plus – you get to dress up for the races.  Anyone up for a 5k Trick or Treat Trot?!?  How fun is that?  No better holiday than Halloween in this gal’s book.  You can be anyone or anything.  This year – Batgirl, replete with pleather pants, eye mask, and wig.  Oh – and sweeping yellow cape for billowing behind me as I run at incredible speeds (those tortoises will be quite jealous).  Here’s a link to our local race: http://www.trotatthetrail.com/Trot_at_the_Trail/Home.html

Not a runner (yet)?  Lace up those boots and start hiking.  You still get the satisfaction of the crunching and the glory of the trail.  If you’re as blessed as me (few are, right?), you can march right out your back door and into stunning wooded bliss.  If your backyard is more akin to a postage stamp, I highly recommend the AllTrails app which allows you to find trails anywhere in your current vicinity and even hooks you up with Google Maps to get you there.  Check out the website for more info (and friend me there, too!  http://alltrails.com/my/profile

Now that you’ve finished running and hiking (because I know you have), you’re gonna be ravenous for some healthy noshes.  I am a huge proponent of both local farmers markets or (for relative ease and convenience) Wegmans to find seasonal produce.  Know what I learned this year?  Roasting a fresh pumpkin is deliciously easy and suprisingly bountiful.  You get an amazing amount of pumpkin meat from just one itsy bitsy pumpkin and your Paleo pumpkin bread/pie/muffins will taste much much better.  If this inept baker can do it, so can you.  Here’s how: http://www.elanaspantry.com/how-to-roast-a-pumpkin-in-10-steps/

So hit the trails in your running sneaks or hiking boots and then hit the kitchen with your pumpkins, your apples, your squash.  Report back to reinforce my head-over-heels feelings for fall (nice alliteration, huh?).  Pictures required so I can ooh and aah.


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