No Doubt

If I can do 26.2 in one day…I can certainly do less over two days.

So the next event is just over the horizon, a mere three days away.  Am I ready?

As if you had to ask.

The training is just about done.  Two more runs (and an added sprinkling of CrossFit Mamas), a rest day…and there it is.  Saturday starts with a lil’ ol’ 5k to be quickly followed by a 10k.  Easy peasy heiney squeezy.  (Where’s the fun in squeezing a lemon?)  Sunday is the half…which is only a tad longer than the previous day’s races totalled up.  A challenge, sure.  But not anything this FitGal can’t handle.

I have absolutely no doubts about finishing.  It’s my time goals that have those butterflies doing laps behind my abs.  There’s been nary an outdoor run for weeks.  The mornings are darker longer and for some reason, the Hubby’s boss demands he enter the office in the a.m. hours.  Football practice and Girl Scouts negate evening runs in much the same way practice and games steal precious daylight hours on the weekends.  Thanks to my trusty treadmill, I don’t miss training runs.  And thanks to my incredible dedication and unwillingness to fail, I constantly challenge myself during these runs, adding my own hills and pushing my legs faster.

Time: 2:37…I can beat that.

I am finishing within seconds of my goal times.  Which is great, good, dandy even.  But there’s that little nagging feeling reminding me that it’s treadmill training.  Let’s all cross our fingers and whatever else we got that race day adrenaline will carry me through all three races and across those finish lines in my desired times.

Or, instead of hoping, I could simply decide to be as AWESOME as we all know me to be.  I refuse to formulate excuses before smashing through my goals.  I choose instead to rely on my increased fitness level; my increased cardio and muscle endurance; my increased Ego.  So maybe that last one doesn’t necessarily lend to my ability.  But it sure does kick everything else into a higher gear.

If you simply can’t wait for the blog update Monday morning, head on over to the SweatItOut Facebook fan page for race day photos and times.  Throw me some encouragement, a kudos, a virtual slap on the back.  I love that shit.


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