And I Ain’t Afraid to Show It (show it, show it…)

I’ve got passion in these workout pants, and I ain’t afraid to show it.

I have spent the better part of the last two mornings setting up events and challenge groups, researching how to better reach my audience, and dreaming bigger dreams than I’m ready to blog about just yet.  (Oh, hush.  You know I’ll spill the beans eventually.)  And quite honestly, I just love it.

FireUp Challengers…Here we GO!

I do!  I love talking fitness almost as much as I love gettin’ all sweaty.  I love the idea of sharing the experience with…well…everyone.  I am about bustin’ over my upcoming FireUp challenge group.  Not just because we’re using two of my favorite programs, but because I get to see others use those same programs and fall head over heels for Chalene.  I have high expectations for this group’s results.  I am expecting at least one participant to get smacked in the face by the FitBug and see the same stars I saw mid-way through my first round of TurboFire.  See, I love pushing my challengers to press play and then watching as their view of their own limits (limits? Pshaw!) changes.  Every day, they will be capable of MORE.  Every day, they will want to DO MORE.  And I will be bouncin’ around my living room, clapping my hands in sweaty glee over another convert.

This is also why we are loadin’ up on SweatItOut events (have you checked out the new RaceItOut page yet?).  We’ve got 5k’s and mud races and I’m lookin’ to add some lengthier runs into that mix.  Why go it alone when I know my fellow SweatItOuters can come along with me?  We can create an army, Readers.  An army of fit, snarky, cocky FitPeeps – which just happens to be my favorite kind.

And if you’re reading this and thinking (as I know some of you indeed are), “I just don’t think I can do it…”  Well, STOP IT.  I say that in all caps because, quite simply, YOU’RE WRONG.  You absolutely CAN and SHOULD do it.  Not just because I’m telling you to (although that really ought to be enough).  But because it’s what’s BEST for you.  That first step is kinda hard – but certainly not impossible.  Need I remind you of where I started?  (If that actually is required, might I suggest getting your very own copy of SweatItOut Volume I?)

And what better way to start than with a group and an inspiring, motivating, fantabulous coach?  *smilingbrightly*  I’ve been told I am all of that AND a bag of kale chips.  I choose to believe it’s true.  So now you’ve got all the pieces…all that’s left is you deciding to commit to a plan so you can succeed.

So what is it?  Training for your first 5k?  Your first mud race?  Or diving right into a challenge group?  That part, I’ll leave up to you.  I’ve already decided that you’re going to choose one of the above.


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