Don’t Feed the Queen (Prepackaged Food)

I can’t even look at it now.

I count myself among the blessed in Sandy’s aftermath.  Our home is intact.  Our power has been restored.  We didn’t in any way harm one another during our days of solitude and darkness.

The only evidence of a lost routine lies with me…and it lies directly between my upper and lower body.

The pooch is back.

The pooch owes its return, at least in part, to the lack of fresh foods available during the course of our power outage.  We were among those emptying Wegmans’ shelves prior to the storm.  It was one of the most depressing shopping trips I have made.  I did not want to eat any of the items I loaded into my cart, but I was aware that the food I did want wouldn’t last without refrigeration.  (Apples and bananas were a saving grace during this time of hardship.)  We stocked up on (ugh) canned goods, (gag) cereals, and (sob) potato chips and cookies.  I credit this large pile of crap with our lethargy, irritability, and overall feelings of blah in the days following.

Honestly, they didn’t even taste good. My palette rejected them immediately.

I also credit it with my increased belly size.  Goodbye, hardearned definition.  So long, beginnings-of-my-six-pack.  Adios, pride in my midsection.I am right back to square one.

Luckily, I am far more knowledgable now than I was a year ago.  And no, it’s not exactly back to my stomach of a year ago…not exactly.  I am conscious of the fact that my newer and smaller pants still slide up with ease.  There is a slight tightness about the waist in the first few moments of wear now, but it dissipates.

What irks me is the jiggling.  I can feel it while doing my tuck jumps and air jacks during TurboFire.

So I’m back to careful consumption now.  No cheats until I am safely back to defined and proud.  And guess what?  On Day 1 of Reclaim Queenly Abs, I am already feeling better.  That nagging quasi-nausea that’s been plagueing me the past week?  Gone.  My inexplicable fatigue?  Lessening with each hour that passes without prepackaged grub.

Let the heavens part! With returned electricity comes a usable blender!

I don’t think there is a stronger case to be made for my Paleo switch than leaving it behind for close to a week.  My body has stated its displeasure loud and clear – and I’m listening.


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