Second Time Around

Woke up BEFORE my alarm went off today at 5 a.m.

And then I pushed play – twice.

I shook my fine lil’ booty along with Chalene and her gals in Fire 55.  Followed that up with some serious heavy liftin’ in Burn Circuit 3.  That’s right.  I have decided against the hybrid schedule and have chosen instead to double team myself with TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme.

It feels goooooooood.

I am on Day 5 of my FiredUp challenge group and, quite simply, loving every minute of it.  Now that my family has recovered from Sandy’s unwelcome visit, I am back in the nutrition game as well.  Downin’ my Shakeology daily (and sometimes twice daily if the mood strikes me), drinkin’ my water, and eatin’ my whole foods with gusto.  My body is feeling the bliss and settling right back into our routine as though we’d never left it.  Muscle memory is a truly wonderful thing, folks.  Create some.

One of my favorite realizations since diving back into the world of Chalene?  That I am so much STRONGER than I was before.  I am starting at a higher level than I ended the last time I did these programs.  I’m not just keepin’ up during my TurboFire classes; I am jumpin’ and punchin’ at Chalene levels.  Kick.  ASS.

And then I still have more than enough energy to finish out with a lifting session.  And I’m lifting heavier than I ever have before.  Am I sore?  Hell to the NO.  I feel, in the words of a certain Mr. Stinson, AWESOME.  I swear, even my recently padded abs are already peeking back out from under their post-Sandy covering.  You’d think I would be accustomed to my sheer incrediblity by now, but every day I’m amazed again.  Pretty great way to live life, lemme tell ya.  You oughta try it.

I find myself daydreaming again, longing for another workout, yearning to feel the sweat pouring down my face.  I wanna lift more, jump higher, punch harder.  I wanna shake my butt faster.

I foresee a purchase of the advanced TurboFire DVD’s before Christmas.

Just sayin’.

So now tell me…what did YOU do today?


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