Everything In Its Place

In light of all the negativity being vomited on my Facebook feed (and also in light of the six – SIX – cups of coffee I’ve sucked back), I have decided to spew some positive thoughts.  Go figure, huh?

No, really, this caffeine’s got me thinkin’ and plannin’ and goalin’…and makin’ up new words.  I have all sorts of ideas and I didn’t even log onto Pinterest yet today!

Now, today’s post has very little to do with fitness or diet.  Whaaaaaat?!?

That’s right.  Our focus today, FitPeeps, is on ORGANIZATION.  It’s a concept for which I harbor a deep and abiding love, but with which I have very little actual experience.  When it comes to order, I tend to be a dreamer, not a doer.  And I know I’m not the only one…

I have decided that today – TODAY! – that ends.  Today marks the beginning of me getting my shit together and thereby creating more space for fitness equipment.  More time for certifications.  More time to meet my other (and slightly more important) goals.  So it all ties in pretty neatly.

Let’s assume I’m actually gonna follow through and it’s not just the coffee talking.  Here’s my plan: follow the advice in the adorable little organization book I bought last year and only opened twice before…once in the bookstore, once in an earnest but short-lived attempt to pull all of my loose threads into one gorgeous blanket.

Why is this time different, you ask?  Well, again – fitness.  I have pushed myself in all sorts of physical and mental ways over the past two years, and now this new, more disciplined chick has emerged.  I like her.  She says she’s gonna do something and then, miraculously, she does it.  That’s consistency I can appreciate.  I’m gonna stick with her, and from what you all tell me, she’s gonna push me towards my goals.

And my goals aren’t anything spectacular.  I want my house to be more than a place we toss our stuff.  I want clarity and order, yes.  But I also long for spaces we can come together as a family without having to move laundry, homework, or superheroes out of the way.  (Yes, I am totally aware that the superhero thing isn’t going to stop.  Spiderman and his cronies insist on popping up in the most unusual places.)  The order comes first; the comfort follows.

So, a new schedule is born.  I am back to predawn workouts.  Diving into to-do lists.  And this time, I am spreading the organizational love.  I will not take on the daunting task of bringing order to the Estate all by my lonesome.  Rather, in a completely loving and not-at-all despotic way, I shall include each member of the M&M Clan in the exciting process of categorizing, tossing, and storing.  I can already picture their little faces shining with joy as we bond over a shared and meaningful experience.

If we’re all speaking to each other and still breathing next week, I will share our progress with you.

Switch out the sewing machine – because it’s just laughable – and I could TOTALLY have this workspace…right?

And just because I know you wanna know – today is TurboFire Core 20 and Stretch 40.  The Werewolf is askin’ for some Insanity after school…we shall see.  I will be Sweatin’ItOut today, regardless.  As will you, naturally.


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