My latest insomnia phase has been dragging itself out since September.  September.  I can catch the required zzzzz’s some nights, but most nights…I’m rendevousing with the Huxtables and the Connors.  (For those of you too young to know, google it.)  I have learned to compensate by sleeping later on mornings after or slurping down an extra cuppa joe – but often that comes at the expense of workout time.  And I just can’t have that.

Typically, it gets pushed to naptime.  But on days like today, when my much anticipated breakfast chat with an old friend rolled right into and past a lunchtime chat (hooray!), things needed to be reconfigured.  Reinforcements were called in so I could SweatItOut this evening sans Babe interruptions.  (Reinforcements = Hubby took Babe to the Werewolf’s wrestling practice).  Blissful sweat session, yes?

No.  I’m still kinda tired.  With the early darkness of winter already here, my missing slumber, and a long afternoon of sibling rivalry, my heart just wasn’t in it.  To put it quite simply: I just didn’t feel like it.  (That was meant to be read in a whine so petulant you’d think a seven-year-old with math homework and broccoli on his plate was saying it.)

But that’s what discipline is: moving forward even when motivation has taken the last plane to IDon’tCareVille (dress code: stained sweats and knockoff crocs).  My goals haven’t changed just because I’m weary.  And I’m not going to get any closer – no matter how great my excuse may be – if I don’t put in both time and effort.  Yes.  That means I pushed myself 100% for each round in TurboFire HIIT 20 and I lifted to failure for each exercise of Burn Circuit 3.

The endorphins never quite kicked in.  I still wanna flop into bed and watch last night’s Colbert Report and tonight’s New Girl (all new episode!).  Alas, I must shower first.  After all, it isn’t Hubby’s fault I spent an hour catching up on Gems With Friends at 2 a.m.  Count some sheep for me and cross your fingers that these peepers manage an entire night of closure.  I still have that alarm set for predawn hours in the hopes that I will jabbin’ and hookin’ with Chalene in the a.m.



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