Look At Me! Look At Me!

You know what I like to do after I run a race?


I see that your jaw has dropped.  Close your mouth and listen to me.

I quite enjoy telling everyone that I have, yet again, reached a goal.  It doesn’t even have to be a race or an event.  It can just be a fantastic workout that leaves me pumped full of share-mode endorphins.  Why do you think this blog even exists?

That’s right.  So I can brag.  And maybe motivate a few people.  But mostly – bragging.

And really – what’s wrong with that?  By the time we graduate high school or college, no one’s really giving us props on a regular basis.  You don’t get Perfect Attendance Awards for changing poopy diapers 365 days a year.  There’s no gold star for keeping up with the laundry (I’d probably be a lot more consistent).  There is, however, social media.  And if no one else is gonna slap me on the back for that killer high kick I just executed, well…I’m just gonna do it myownself.

Of course, that will require backlash here and there.  Not everyone is as pleased with me as I am.  It’s okay.  They don’t know any better.  That’s why I have to tell them repeatedly, every day.

It’s not just the workout posts or statements that seem to get others all worked up.  My diet is a great source of consternation for many as well.  Although I have tried often in various ways to explain it’s not a diet, actually, it’s a lifestyle, I am consistently questioned as to how long “this is going to last.”  Ummm…the rest of my life?  Unless of course that somehow infringes on your intake of Mountain Dew and value meals.

But here’s the thing, folks: I typically will NOT pick at your eating or activity habits unless you ask/complain about them to me.  If you’re happy, mum’s the word.  However…if you cannot control your need to degrade my healthy lifestyle choices, expect heavy doses of sarcasm spiced with actual knowledge and logic.  All’s fair in fitness and health, right?


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