Boo To The Hoo

My spicy miracle in a cup…I hope.

Believe it or not, I’ve got a list of pet peeves that would wrap around the equator at least twice.  For the most part, I simply shake my head at the offenders and move on.  Some, I write blogs about.  But this one…this one…

I have a freakin’ cold.  Pet Peeve #1a, directly under Pet Peeve #1: Winter.

I dislike sickness for obvious reasons, but allow me to expound on the many underlying irritations it carts along.

Missed workouts.  It’s tough to really throw oneself into TurboFire when one is reaching for the Kleenex with every jab and cross.  Also, it’s really difficult to admire oneself in the mirror when one’s eyes are puffy and simply want to close entirely.

Total lack of motivation.  I still have all the same goals and ideas, but I seem to have lost my follow through.  Today’s biggest accomplishment was washing up the breakfast dishes and sort of making my bed (sort of because the Babe was snuggled amongst my pillows watching The Avengers for the 80,000th time).  Oh – and adding another post, but really, this is just a platform for me to whine about my cold.  (Hey! I know what I’ve said about whiners in the past.  But that is soley in reference to those without colds…those without colds and without sleep.)

Inability to take a sick day.  Ah, yes.  We SAHM’s have it sooooo easy, what with the eating of the bonbons and watching soaps all day.  Why would today be any different?  It’s nothing at all to entertain, feed, change, and discipline the Babe when he feels perfectly fine and averagely rambunctious and I feel…well, like the inner contents of one of his diapers.  No problem!  And the Satan’s pit of parent pickup this afternoon – why, that will surely relieve the pressure of the vice around my head and the twisting of my back and shoulder muscles.

Yes, I’m whiney.  I’m petulant.  I am indeed a grouch and brat.  But I’m siiiiiiii-iiiiiiick….and all I wanna do is curl up with my cool pillows, pull up my warm covers, and finish the rest of The Night Circus while my DVRs of Long Isand Medium and Glee play in the background.  Is that really too much to ask?

According to the Babe, the monkeys, and the contractors…indeed it is.

Whine whine whine and boo to the hoo.

Still – I’m drinking my homemade lemon/ginger/cayenne/honey/cinnamon tea as recommended (the sweet spiciness appeals to my Cajun side) and I’m banking on naptime in T-48 minutes.  I’m sure that combo will have miraculous restorative powers…


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