I’m Telling!

See? I did it once.

I had my own words handed right back to me last night.

My big sister totally called me out as I was making excuses as to why I was coppin’ out on flexibility training.  No wonder I’m Mom’s favorite.

(I know you’re laughing out loud now, DeAnn…)

Anyway – bitch was right.  I totally slack on the stretching.  I preach it hardcore to the kiddos, especially now that my daughter is actually training to run our next 5k instead of walking.  She’s loggin’ serious treadmill time (she’s up to 1.25 miles at a pop!) and I am very strict about her stretching those hardworkin’ leg muscles when she’s all done.

Me?  I have actually turned off the cool down and stretch of my various Burn Circuits, justifying my actions by saying to myself, “I’ll do some stretches in the shower.  The hot water will make my quads even more pliable.”  Because there’s a genius idea – taking my shaking muscles to a slippery surface and attempting to balance when I possess no actual natural stability.

So – now that I have indeed eaten my own words, I will not only be stretching with my directed cooldowns, but I will be throwing in yoga on the days I am not running (training for that Pittsburg Marathon!!!  WootWoot!).  And on the days I do run?  TurboFire Stretch 10.  If I ever feel I have proper control over my…gaseous predilictions…I may even branch out and take an actual yoga class.

In fact – that’s my new goal.  It’s minimal, sure…but there’s just somethin’ about a new and shiny goal that gets my heart a-pumpin’.  And since I have that goal…I think Big Sis oughta come up with a goal of her own.

Before I tell Mom on her.


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