Still Thankful

After 22 days of “I’m thankful for…” status updates on Facebook, it’s time to sum it all up.

Today, I’m thankful for my body.  This one right here.  The one that clings to cellulite like a drowning man clings to a life raft.  The one with the hide-n-seek pooch and overachieving sweat glands.  It’s the very same body that produced three little miraculous monkeys.  It is the body with the legs that are seemingly made for endurance (need I mention that lil’ ol’ marathon and Hat Trick?).  I am thankful for my ever-stronger arms and lungs and heart.  I am thankful for this body that continues to amaze me with all it can do, no matter what I choose to test it with.

Today, I’m thankful for my shadows.  Those miracles I mentioned?  Two of them hopped right back on the treadmill today.  One gave me high fives after each Fire Drill I did during my TurboFire workout today.  One walked past me yesterday as I grunted through my abs pyramid and said, “Niii-iiice.  Looks good, Mom.”  Both are now wrestling and training for 5ks.  Both are dedicated to making fitness a part of their lives.  Which makes me thankful the third is so worshipful of the older two – it means he’s gonna do the same.

Today, I’m thankful for my Hubby who keeps the room clear of toddlers and fits so I can get my sweat on.  I’m thankful for his interest in my workouts every time I finish, for his constant support of whatever training I choose to do, and for the pride he takes in each and every one of my accomplishments.  It is amazing the difference the right partner makes in life, and I am very thankful to have found the peanut butter to my chocolate.  (Jelly is so passe…)

Today, I’m thankful to have met so many likeminded people with similar goals.  Each and every one of you has pushed me in some way, whether you realize it or not.  Every time my blog gets read, a post gets a comment, or a photo gets shared…I feel inspired to do a little more.  My life is expanding in amazing ways every single day, and I am so thankful to have you to share that with.

Now that I’ve been all shmoopie…

Go!  Eat your turkey, your mashed potatoes with gravy, your stuffing, your pumpkin pie!  Then meet me back here bright and early to SWEATITOUT and WORKITOFF!



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