The Road to Recovery

As we walk or, as in my case, drag ourselves away from the bountiful dinners and desserts and brunches and leftovers of Thanksgiving…we may consider leggings and yoga pants to be our saviors and our best friends.  I know I’ve grown quite fond of my drawstring sweatpants.

Good thing I’ve got a recovery plan in place.  And a (I hope) a much stronger frame of mind with which to face to coming Cookie Season. 

Today is day one of my three-day Shakeology Cleanse: two shakes a day, snacks of fruits and veggies, lots of water and green tea, and a good strong Paleo dinner.  So far, so much better.  My sluggishness is slowly sloughing off; my mood has stabilized (two extra kids, three major poop incidents, and a house torn asunder by the craziness of wrestling season, and I still have a smile); my drive has been rediscovered.  Thank you, oh saints of Beachbody.  You have come to my aid once again.

I began my climb back towards fitness on Saturday when the M&M Clan successfully completed our second annual Turkey Trot in Bethlehem.  Two of the monkeys have been training to run a 5k and, thanks to our trusty treadmill, each ran at least one mile, allowing us to finish in under an hour.  My healthy heart was just about bustin’ with pride when I saw the determination on their faces and my whole being was sincerely thankful for the low level of complaints this year (last year saw many false claims of assorted ailments).  Next month’s Jingle Bell Trot is lookin’ ever brighter for this FitMama.

Then came another wrestling tournament, for which I failed to pack.  I stuffed my face with pulled pork sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, Hershey bars, and Swedish fish.  Then we came home and I built a monument to the passed holiday, promptly ate it and earned myself an hour of nausea and rolling about in bed, bemoaning my self-imposed fate.

Today, however – I’M BACK.  Full force.  Ready for my double workout (today is Fire 45 EZ and a 45-minute run, followed by Stretch 10).  Got the house nearly livable and as close to presentable as it gets these days (the contractors are back as well!).  Did my part as a CaveWife and took photos of Hubby and his kills.  And my normal afternoon slump has yet to hit. 

Things are definitely looking up here at the M&M Estate.  Now…which direction are you headed?


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