The Evil in the Simplicity

Potato candy is a sweet and delicious devil.

Don’t be fooled by all the white. It’s not so innocent.

I used to be quite shocked that others did not know of the existence of this particular sugary evil.  Now I realize that’s just more potato candy for me.

There is a plate of it sitting in my refrigerator now.  Six pieces less than it held yesterday morning, when I thought I’d just have a little nibble.

Now I’m clutching my gut and berating myself for each tasty transgression.  The peanut buttery goodness of my crimes does not make up for the stabbing stomach pains…not quite.

Let’s retrace my steps:

It was Day 2 of my Shakeology cleanse.  Day 1 was quite successful (I did split a piece of cheesecake with my daughter, but the rest of the day – fantastic).  I possessed much confidence going into the second day – drank my shake, my green tea, my water.  But as I opened to fridge to prepare Babe’s mid-morning snack, the swirly beauty caught my eye.  I had nearly forgotten we made it.

Now let it be known that this candy has a strong holiday tradition in my family.  I have very fond memories of my sisters making it and even fonder memories of me eating it.  I had tried in the past to make it myself (it is touted as a recipe so easy, a child could do it) but it never quite solidified and became instead an unappetizing mess.  So some of my best surprises have been the random supplies of potato candy from my big sister.  Of course, I’ve been doing quite a bit of successful cooking on my own and decided to give my own candy-making skills another try.  Once again, I was unable to make a pretty log-type candy, but I did manage to slather the whole mess onto a plate, chill it, and cut it up into oversized squares.

It tasted just fine.

It started with just a smidgen, you know – to test it.  Then half a row was missing.  I couldn’t just leave the asymmetric square that way.  I had to finish that row.  And wash it all down with whole milk.

I fell into a sugar coma soon thereafter and brilliantly went right back to cleanse mode.  I stayed on track the rest of the day with absolutely no temptations or problems.  Today, however, the aforementioned stomach troubles have arrived, and I’m pretty sure it’s all linked to the gluten/sugar/dairy bonanza of yesterday.

Today, I’m right back in the game.  In fact, I’m sipping my green tea and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology as I type this.  I have downed two bottles of water and am contemplating a clementine.  I am a pillar of willpower and strength.

Let’s just hope the kids finish off that candy before the nausea wears off.



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