All I Want For Fitness Is My Six-Pack Abs

Tis the season, right?  Time to make the lists so some fat guy can check them twice and determine if we deserve our goodies.


I’ll make my lists, but ain’t no fat guy telling me what I get to have.  I’ll handle that for myownself, thank you very much.

And I have decided that what I most desire this winter season is Kate Hudson’s abs.

The woman sickens me every week on Glee.  In a totally good, green-eyed monster kind of way.  I see her abs and I am moved to move.  Move away from the kitchen and onto my mat.  Move my shoulders off the floor and my heels to the ceiling (now Hubby’s getting all excited, but it’s not what he’s thinking).

How will I get those abs, you ask?  Well, not only is plastic surgery out because I am one broke-ass bitch, it’s also out because I actually want to earn that washboard.  I like the crunching pain and the salty sweat of ab work.  I like it almost as much as I like running or TurboFire. 

Fo’ real, yo!

So I did my homework and found out Miss Kate uses Pilates to carve out her musculature.  Guess what I’ll be doing for my ab workouts now?  That’s right.

ChaLEAN’s Extreme Abs or Ab Burner.  But on my off-days, I’ll sure as hell be testing out those Pilates moves.  I mean, look at her stomach.  I want that.

I’m also well aware that the majority of abdominal work is actually done in the kitchen.  As in, eat clean and stay hydrated.  I can do that.  Well, I can do that the majority of the time.  I’m a pretty loyal CaveQueen and I do love me some Paleo cookin’.

Remember how flexibility was my goal?  Well, I’m gettin’ more flexible.  I have actually found consistency with my stretching.  So now that I have that routine in place, it’s time for the next step.  That step would be my very own six pack.

Again, Hubby is getting excited for all the wrong reasons.  Not beer.  Abs.  Down, boy.

What will come next?  Who can say?  Oh, right.  I can.

I’m guessing my ass will be next.  I’d like to shift it higher and I have yet to find anyone willing to hold it in place all day.

(Seriously, Hubby.  It was a joke.)

Goals are important to have and even more important to CHANGE.  If ya don’t change things, you get stale.  You lose sparkle.  You lose drive.  Switching things up is just one way I maintain this level of enthusiasm for working out.  Too much of the same equals BOREDOM.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t do boredom well.

So!  Who’s comin’ with me?  A race to the six pack, perhaps?  My engine’s already revvin’.

(Hubby! This time it could work…)


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