Dear Santa

In the spirit of the all-commercial, all-the-time holiday season, I am presenting to you, dear Readers, my Ultimate Fitmas List of 2012.

Sounds pretty badass, right?

It’s just stuff I want.  But I want it really, really, really, really bad.  Some of it I’ve mentioned before.  But that’s because I want it really, really, really, really bad.  Really.


But I’ve been good.  I have.  Lost all the baby weight and then some.  Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think, “Daaaaay-um, girl.  You fiiiiiine.”

So I deserve all of this stuff.  And I like to think that Santa is listening…from his engineering office in New Jersey, where he likes to read my blog posts.

Okay, okay.  Here it is…

Ultimate Fitness List of 2012

1.  In keeping with my goals of KILLING the Spartan this year, I must prep better (and tape up Hubby’s delicate ankles).  So I want this book.



2.  In keeping with my goals of KILLING any random zombies or vampires that come my way, I must prep better.  So I want this punching bag.


3.  I wanna look pretty whilst killing obstacle courses and supernatural creatures.  So I want this skirt from Powder Blue Productions.


4.  I want to make better use of my backyard and the trails close to me.  This calls for the hiking shoes I’ve been panting over since the fall.  If I get ’em now, they’ll be nice and broken in for the spring.



5.  It’s time for my next Beachbody purchase.  This one goes along with my murderous intentions mentioned above.  I must have the Body Combat program.



6.  These just look like fun.



So there you have it.  I’m sure I can find a lot more to add on to this list, and I will likely find it within the next five minutes.  But these have been hangin’ around longer than last month’s hair dye so I feel pretty committed to them.  (The hair is goin’ on Friday.)



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