No Excuses

My home-away-from-home
Time for another visit…

In the midst of the holiday/wrestling hustle and bustle, I took a moment to realize something very important:

I, Readers, am in desperate need of new cross trainers.

(Hinthint, Hubby…)

This epiphany was thrust upon me when I took one step up my stairs and OUCH!  My right shin pleaded with me to stop the ascent.  My day immediately plunged into crisis mode, as I knew I should not be doing any running or TurboFire…

Should not doesn’t equal can’t though…right?

Luckily for my aching shin (which, if I’m to be completely honest, has been attempting to garner appropriate attention for a few weeks now by offering twinges and pinches during workouts), I am finally conscientious enough to realize that yes, those things are one and the same.  When my body shows me an injury, I need to at the very least alter my workout.

Yesterday, I rested.  As in, I chased the toddler, danced with the toddler, tossed the toddler in the air, and snuggled the toddler.  But I did not lace up workout shoes or don any sort of compression clothing.  I didn’t even wear athletic socks.

Today, I’m focusing on my upper body and swapping out Push Circuit 2 for P90X Chest and Back.  If I’ve got the time, I think I’m gonna toss in some yoga.  Or maybe I’ll do it the other way around.  I’ve been promising my muscles a good yoga session for quite some time, but continually use “time crunch” as an excuse to lift/run/jump instead of stretch.  Whatever I decide, I’m getting my workout in today.

Ghosts of Fitness PastBecause despite the minor issue of a possible beginning of shin splints, the rest of my body is perfectly fine (and also fiiiii-iiiiine) and has not a single problem with working out.  Your takeaway today, folks?  Work AROUND your injuries and twinges when you can.  Do NOT forgo everything.

I could use this as a reason to take consecutive rest days until all feels normal again, but then I run the risk of falling into a very unsatisfactory pattern: run, lift, jump until shins hurt.  Rest until all better.  Repeat.

Whereas, if I keep up the training overall, my shins will adapt and stop being such wimps.

I don’t do wimpy here.  I don’t do excuses either.

I set goals and then I accomplish them.

To that end…I’ve got a date with Tony Horton…


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