Push It

Were you aware of my extreme fitness crush on Chalene Johnson?  I don’t like to talk about it much…only every other post or so.  She is little but she is fierce.  She is motivational and positive and strong and energetic and funny but not annoying.  Plus she has great shoes.  She’s all that and a bag of Pop Chips.  Know what else I’ve found?  She does more than kick serious firm butts in TurboFire.

She has this whole 30 Day Push Challenge that you can do FOR FREE.  Those two words – FOR FREE -are sweet melody to my ears.  Put ’em in conjunction with Chalene and it’s a freakin’ symphony.  Of course I signed up – for the second time.

See I did the Push Challenge before.  I bought the book, even.  And I’d like to tell you it’s pretty cool stuff.  But how about instead I tell you that it’s absolutely awesome stuff?  The kind of awesome that is so simple and obvious once stated, you slap your forehead and give yourself a big ol’ “Well, DUH.” Since signing up previously, I’ve been reaching for goals instead of cupcakes…and gettin’ a whole lot more of the life that I want.  This time, I invited my FiredUp challenge group to ride along with me and upped the ante with the 30 Day Push Photo Challenge.  Here’s what I’ve tracked thus far (because I sense you leaning forward in sweet anticipation):

Day 1: Your Game Face: My daughter jumped in on this one (and originally, the entire challenge – but trailed off after day 3), and I feel I have a much better game face hidden deep down somewhere – but this is what I was able to muster.



Day 2: #1 Priority



Day 3: 10 Goals That Would Be Crazy Cool To Have Happen


Day 4: PUSH Goal: The one goal that helps many of the other goals become reality.


Day 5: Important Person: The person you tell your goals to and who not only encourages you but holds you accountable.


Day 6: Your To Do List

*note: the maternity clothes are for MY NIECE.

Day 7:  Where You Make Your To Do List


Day 8:  Progress


Day 9:  To Do List Trigger



Wanna play???? Here’s the link for Chalene’s FREE emails that you get FOR FREE:




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