Cat_Rolling_In_MoneyDo you ever have dreams so HUGE and EXCITING that you wanna roll around in ’em the way casino winners roll around in money?

And then realize how much easier achieving those dreams would be if you only had said money?


Doesn’t mean I’m stepping back from all these big goals I’m setting for myself.  It just means I need to be more creative, learn to plan, come at things from different angles and work the free aspect any way I can.  And in the meantime, I keep training.

Those weights, those runs – they’re equivalent to wiping cobwebs outta my brain.  Or for a better analogy, my workouts provide the same organization to my brain that toy bins bring to Legos and action figures.  What could be an overwhelmingly haphazard CHAOS is instead a pleasingly ordered and appealing play area.

Because here’s what I realize more and more every day: the passion I have found for fitness and all that I can do to share it with others isn’t work to me.  It’s play.  It’s fun.  It’s what I was born to do.  That little epiphany sparks me forward every. single. day.

It pushes me through training runs when I may not feel like pushing through.  It makes me lift heavier when I’m tempted to relapse to lighter weights.  It keeps me grabbing that pullup bar every time I walk beneath it rather than breezing right by.  Knowing what a Fit Life has done for me over the past two years, knowing what it can do for others…well, that’s some serious motivation right there.  I could laze about and forget about my challenge groups on those days I would rather lie under the covers and watch a Buffy marathon.

…except watching Buffy always motivates me to work out…

I could skip the workouts on those days when I would rather cruise the mall and shop for clothes…

…except shopping motivates me to work out…

Pretty much every aspect of my life now motivates me to continue this upward motion I’ve started.  Taking part in the 30 Day Push Challenge again only cements it.  It’s like the saying about working out: starting can be the hardest thing, until you do it.  Then stopping becomes the hardest.

I could just say, “Oh, these dreams and goals are too big.  I’ll never be able to accomplish them.”

Only…I would be wrong.

And what an awesome feeling that is, folks.



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