I’m Coo Coo for Coconut (Oil)!

coconut-oil-usesBye-bye, lotions.  Bye-bye lip balm, olive oil, vegetable oil, leave-in conditioner, eye makeup remover.  There’s a new lotion/balm/oil/conditioner/remover in town.

I’m talking about my love affair with coconut oil.

Is there nothing this little gem can’t do?  I’m pretty certain it could solve the debt crisis, pair all unmatched socks and find out the truth about Elvis (why has he frequented so many 7-11’s since his death?).

I use it when I bake.  It goes in the recipes and greases my muffin cups.  (Perverts.  Minds outta the gutter.)  I melt it in frying pans so my eggs don’t stick.  I coat my drumsticks to make them crispy and golden.  And if a little gets on my hands, I just rub it in.  Which brings me to my next point.

Screw lotion.  Coconut oil is da bomb of all bombs.  In addition to the cost factor (the same $13 tub of coconut oil lasts nearly three times as long as my equally priced tube of lotion), it works better too.  I regularly suffer bouts of eczema (try to restrain yourselves from shrieking over that sexy tidbit).  This year, two itty bitty patches.  My elbows are smoother than my toddler’s bottom.  My runner’s feet are delightfully hydrated without completely losing my fought-for callouses.  I coat ’em in oil, slide on my knee socks and BAM!  Instant pedi treatment.coconut%20oil

Again, if I have a little extra on my hands, I use it.  Rub it till it melts (which happens quickly) and run it through my hair.  All natural conditioner.  Little more left?  Lip balm.

And at night – I use it to remove my eye makeup.

We keep a vat of coconut oil in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  I don’t know how we managed life without it.  So again, I am thankful to have stumbled upon the Paleo lifestyle and this completely natural, multiuse little miracle oil.

Want more ideas?  Need more info beyond my recommendation?  Hard to believe you’d need anything else, but check these out:



And just for kicks, here’s a tasty little recipe to make use of your new obsession:




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