New Year…New YOU

Can you recall a distant time (let’s say, oh – about three weeks ago) when your goals and resolutions were still shiny and new?  When you held them as high as your hopes, spoke of them with pride as if they were already accomplished, and basked in their golden glow?

I didn’t think so.

What I’m seeing a lot of is people getting frustrated with their lack of progress, forgetting that a little progress is still progress.  Losing all motivation because they haven’t lost all of the weight.

Except, of course, in the New Year, New You! Challenge Group.

We’re having fun there.

Our STATurday was successful and boasted actual results.  Members are looking at their nutrition in whole new ways and discovering that Paleo isn’t just a crazy new diet trend.  We’re pushing through extra fitness challenges (our Facebook “like” challenge and today’s CrossFit Mama’s WOD) and doing it with humor and encouragement.

Know why?

There’s support.  There’s always someone else who understands what you’re going through at any given moment and there’s always someone to call you out for whining (usually that’s me in drill sergeant mode) when you say you “can’t” complete a challenge.

There’s accountability.  Members log in virtually every day.  They log their food intake on myfitnesspal or the logs I’ve provided.  They ‘fess up when things go off track.  And then everyone offers advice to help them get back on track.

These two little things – support and accountability – are two of the biggest factors in beginning and maintaining a fitness and nutrition program.  Here they are – for free.

So if you feel like your shiny resolutions are getting dull; if you’re slippers are worn more than your sneakers; if those cookies seem a lot more tempting than that veggie tray…

Email me at  Let’s figure out how to get you back on the fitness path, together.

It starts with a decision.



A link to our CrossFit Mama Challenge of the Day:


Our FB “like” challenge…For every “like,” challengers did one pushup.

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