I’m Back!

fitness178I know.  I have been lax in my blogging.

But I have a good excuse.  Or a valid excuse, anyway.  I wouldn’t label the flu as “good” for anything.

Twice our family got hit.  Twice within a month.  That’s a lot of Vix, saltines and chicken noodle soup, my friends.  It’s even more missed training runs, missed lifting sessions, and missed yoga poses.

That’s way too many missed endorphins.

On top of fatigue crankiness and flu crankiness we had Mama-missed-her-workouts crankiness, and that’s no fun for anyone.

At least, not until I get my own reality show.  That kinda crankiness really boosts some ratings.

But I digress.  This morning, I got it all out.  I ran.  I lifted.  I crunched my abs.  Afterwards, I drank my Shakeology (also on hiatus during the Great Flu Attack of 2013).  And all is well.

My workout was all but finished before anyone else awoke.  Chores are nearly caught up before the Rooster takes his nap.  Which leaves lots of time to catch up on my own personal to-do list (motivate and inspire my challengers, read my new fitness mags, contact some people about new goals, and – most importantly – finish watching that new episode of Bones that I fell asleep to last night).

This is one very big reason I enjoy the early morning workout – so I can get that much-needed quiet personal time.  It is just as key to my mood as sweat and a healthy diet are.  So it feels pretty blissful to have each and every component totally back on track today.  Even more blissful?

Crashing through each and every mini-goal I have on my to-do list while that Rooster sleeps away the afternoon.

Because as much as I enjoy quiet time, I love forward movement even more.

I can’t brag about quiet reflection.  Sheesh.


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