Evil Creatures

I have about 80,000 different blog topics I am itchin’ to write about.  But I am determined to FOCUS.

Let’s see how I do, shall we?

Today I have chosen to write about calories.  You know, those evil little trolls stitching your clothes tighter while you sleep?


Everyone talks about ’em – how many they take in and how many they must burn to reach that bright and shiny goal weight.  The way the word is bantered about, it would seem that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie…right?

So the calories contained in a Snickers bar are just as beneficial for you as the calories in a fruit salad?

Let’s think about what those caramel-coated, chocolate-covered calories are packing, nutrient-wise.

Soooo…artificial sugar.

And that fruit salad?  Those hard-workin’ calories are filling you with vitamins and minerals (A, C, folate, fiber, potassium – to name a few).

Not to mention, you can eat a LOT more fruit salad for the same number of calories that candy is pushin’.

Now, about the burning of calories…

I love running.  I do.  It’s a treat for me on so many levels.  I love the physicality of it and I love the zen of it.  And yeah, when I log those long runs, I also log some serious calories burned.  But just for that time.  Cardio is good, it’s fun, it’s worth it.

Lifting is better, overall, for dumping those extra calories.

Now, for those of you wearing your FitBits and your HRM’s, you’re gonna notice that the calories burned during your lifting sessions seem remarkably low when compared to say, TurboFire.  However…those muscles you’re building are going to burn more calories all day long because muscle burns more calories than fat.  The research varies pretty widely on just how many more calories muscle torches over its fatty cousin, but it is agreed that it burns more.

Don’t get stuck in a caloric rut.  Eat fresh foods.  Eat grassfed meat.  Stay away from cans and boxes whenever you can.  Wear blinders in the candy aisle.  Or, if you’re like me, the bakery aisle, the snack aisle, and the ice cream aisle.

Best to just stay out of aisles altogether.

Mix your cardio with strength training.  Blast the calories, build the muscle, blast more calories.  It’s this whole cyclic thing, see?

And relax.  Enjoy the food.  Have fun with the workouts.  Oh – and that goal weight?  Ditch it.  Maybe not completely…but at least let it be flexible.  Watch your inches, your shrinking clothes, your changing shape.  Let the mirror be your barometer.

…so, uh…how’d I do?  With the focus, I mean…because I still have 79,999 thoughts spinning around this old noggin…nutrition6


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