Sneaky Tweaks

You’re eating right.  You’re pressin’ play and hittin’ the gym.

But what are you doing with the rest of your day?

If you’re only active during your workout…well, you’re not very active, are ya?  So let’s get you MOVIN’, my Fit Peeps!  All.  Day.  Long.

It's hard work keeping me in line.
It’s hard work keeping me in line.

Now I know not everyone is quite so fortunate as to have their very own pint-sized trainer, the way I do.  This little tyrant pushes me to keep active and sweatin’ for the better part of the morning and nearly all of the afternoon (although I get a nice long lunch while he catches up on his beauty sleep).

BUT (and we will be talking butts in just a moment) those of you sitting at a desk have no excuse, really.  There are all sorts of ways you can (and from now on, will) move yo’ body at the office without looking like a total psycho.  Note I said “total.”Ahem.

1.  The Big Squeeze: I spoke of butts, remember?  Let’s focus on yours in particular.  Here’s what you’re gonna do:  contract your butt muscles.  Hold for two counts.  Repeat.  Crazy simple, right?  And the best part – are you ready? I think you’re ready – is that you can do this covert op with every part of your soon-to-be smokin’ bod.  Start at your chest and work your way down to your feet.  Added bonus: the feeling of relaxation after your toes unclench.  Trust me.

2.  StretchItOut: Now that you’ve squeezed everything, stretch it back out.  Stretches are perhaps the only overt exercises you can do without drawing attention to yourself.  Everybody stretches.  Pay lots of attention to your neck, where much of your stress sits.  Tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder while keeping those shoulders decidedly un-hunched.  Feels good, right?  Now tilt it to the left.  Aaaaahhhh…  And wrists!  Easy peasy!  Reach your right arm straight out in front of you, fingers flexed up.  Now grab your right fingertips with your left fingertips and ever-so-gently pull back.  Again on the opposite side.  That there’s some good stuff, ain’t it?

officefitness 3.  Wall Squats:  My kids do these at wrestling practice.  I do them during P90X.  You can do them when no one’s looking.  Or better yet – get your cube mates involved!  With your back against a wall, simply slide down into a seated position, legs at a 90-degree angle.  Hold it for 30 seconds.  Scooch back up.  Repeat.  Now tell me ya love me.

4.  The Under-The-Desk Lift:  Let’s do some ab work, shall we?  Sitting nice and straight in your chair with your hands at your sides, lift your right leg straight out in front of you, holding for 2 counts.  Lower that straight leg slowly to the floor; repeat.  Get all matchy-matchy and do it again on the left.  Extra bonus?  You’re working those quads, too.

5.  The “I Was Just Looking At Something Over My Shoulder” Twist:  Still focusing on your core, still sitting nice and tall (your mama was onto something when she told you to stand up straight), either clasp your hands in front of you, semi-prayer position, or hold a water bottle in front of your chest.  The straighter your arms in front of you, the harder you’re gonna work.  Keeping your bottom half stationary, slowly twist your torso and arms to the right, contracting your core muscles, until you can look over your right shoulder.  Return to center; look over your left shoulder so it doesn’t feel left out.

I said "balls."
I said “balls.”

6.  You’ve Got Balls: This one is in no way covert, but it’s socially acceptable.  Start a new seating trend and sit on an exercise ball instead of that stodgy old chair.  You’ll use core muscles to stay balanced all day.

7.  The Tippy-Toe Tweak: Makin’ copies?  Waitin’ for the elevator (which should never happen, because really you ought to be TAKING THE STAIRS – consider that tip 7.5)?  Do some calf raises.  Start with feet shoulder-width apart, facing forward.  Next set, stand pigeon-toed.  Third set, use duck feet.  Now find a way to show off your gorgeous gams.

8.  The In-No-Way Sneaky Dip:  Chair dips, though effective, are not for those wishing to keep their fitness moves under wraps.  Pretty sure the guy in the next cube will notice your prairie-dog bobbing over the partition, but with the guns you’ll get from this move, he probably won’t say anything.  I don’t need to tell you to use good posture, right?  Didn’t think so.  Place your hands on the arm rests of your chair and push yourself up until your arms are straight.  Want to make it harder?  Move your butt to the edge of your chair, place your hands on either side of your tookus, straighten your legs in front of you, and dip down toward the floor.  Push back up.  Repeat.

9.  Walk, Damn It.:  Stop emailing everybody.  Get off your rear and walk to coworkers.  You know, for a real conversation and stuff.  Get all 80’s career gal and bring some sneakers to work for a lunchtime stroll.  Find a reason to walk somewhere – anywhere – at least once every hour.

It's a lunchtime fashion DO...just not the hair...

See?  Desk does not equal inert.

I bet you forgot how wise I could be.


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