Sock It To Me

I am a firm believer in the power of an outfit.

The right outfit can make all the difference.  Just ask Spiderman.

Hence my lasting obsession with workout gear, be it shorts, skirts, sports bras, shoes, or most notably and passionately – knee socks.

I just love the suckers.  Seriously.  I used to rely on crewneck t-shirts for smartass phrases and quirky decals.  Now I can trade in (or better yet, deconstruct!) those ill-fitting t-shirts and draw more attention to my ever more shapely gams.  My most recent acquisition are my “badass” socks.  Love them.  I put them on, and I can envision my badass self killin’ that Spartan Race this summer.  Which of course makes me lift that much heavier and run that much faster.


Turns out I’m not the only sock nerd out there.  A friend has fed the addiction by revealing to me this site:

I spent nearly an hour drooling over it this morning.  And now I realize there are so many more socks that must be added to my drawer.

Of course, the gear goes beyond socks.  I am also a confirmed lululemon luster and athleta admirer.

And perusing all this wonderful fitness fashion gets my mental gears turning…

What if…what if I started creating the shirts I wanted to wear?  The socks I want to run in?  Arm warmers worth wearing in public?

The wheels are turning, Readers.  And you know what that means…

I found another goal.



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