End The Trend

Well, folks, wrestling season is nearly over.   Three weeks, two tournaments, one banquet.

Then we start baseball.

Too much?  I don’t think so.  The kids don’t think so.  Coach Dad doesn’t think so.

But it seems plenty of people do think so.

There are less and less “gym days” in school cycles.  Childhood obesity is on the rise and it’s taking pediatric diabetes along for the ride.  The norm is moving thumbs on game controllers instead of moving whole bodies in a game.  My opinion (in case you haven’t guessed)…That’s just plain wrong.

I know we’re lucky here.  Our kids are natural movers, natural players, natural “take-us-outside!”ers.  We couldn’t coop them up if we tried.  We are blessed that way.

I’m not even going to get into the food issue here because I’ve already written that post.  You dictate the menu because you are the parent.  If your child is eating poorly, it’s because you’ve chosen to allow it.  And hey – my kids accomplished some serious Girl Scout cookie consumption these last few weeks.  I get the treat factor.  My concern is the day-to-day menu.  Too often, it’s the meals that are the culprit behind increasing sizes.wall-e

When my daughter was a toddler, the only store that carried the pull-tab jeans was the Disney Store.  I’m thankful that most brands carry them now; if they didn’t provide them, fit kids would have nothing to wear.  Clothing companies need to accommodate the expanding waistlines of our children without offending any sensitive parents with words like “husky.”  Let’s face it, Readers.  Lots of our kids have rocketed right past husky.  How about instead of catering to the trend we reverse it?  Instead of creating a world more comfortable for overweight children, why don’t we stop creating overweight children?

How about we have physical activity included in every school day?  How about our school lunches get made fresh at the school?  No really – this actually happens in other schools.  Which means it’s NOT impossible.  Read more here:



Here’s what we noticed at home when we switched from pre-prepared foods to fresh and everyone got moving on a regular basis:

Less mood swings from everyone.

Increased energy overall.

Healthier sleep patterns.

This isn’t enough for you?  That your children will feel better, perform better, function better in their daily lives?  What about their future?  Feed them crap now, they’re gonna eat crap later.  Inactive kids become inactive adults.  The same battles you fight with weight and/or disease will become their battles.  I think we can end childhood obesity by ending adulthood obesity.

This is not just my opinion.  Here are current statistics on diabetes and childhood obesity:



This could be a life-or-death issue for your child.  If that’s not motivation to change your lifestyle (or continue the FitPath you’re on already), I don’t know what is.


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