Are You Shin or Are You Out?

I was excited for nap time.

The morning leading up to it was excellent.  I felt the slightest twinge of soreness from the previous day’s leg and yoga workout, but I like that sort of thing.  My legs felt fresh and ready to run; my arms strong and eager to lift some iron.

Until I started.

I didn’t start fast because I’m perfectly aware of where that can lead.  I always do a five-minute warmup at the start of every workout to avoid injury and today was no different.  Why then, at a slow and steady pace of 5.0 mph, did I suddenly feel so damn weary?  And why were my shins in so much pain?shin-splints

I don’t freakin’ know!

I’ve been running and lifting in this fashion for close to a month now sans issues.  And then BAM! I hit the proverbial wall and I hit it pretty damn hard.  I’m wearing the right shoes, eating the right foods (most of the time), getting the right amount of sleep, and taking the right amount of rest.

So if I’m doing everything “right” – what’s wrong?

I still don’t freakin’ know.  I do know that it’ll eat at me until I figure out which tweak I need to make next.  But I also know from past experience that I always figure it out eventually.  My plan begins with an extra yoga session this evening and a trip to Aardvark this Friday.  Mama needs some shin-supporting compression sleeves.  And I may even add in some extra shut-eye in the nights to come.

Well, as much as the Babe will allow…compressionsleeves


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