Much To-Do About Everything

One of my all-time favorite things to do is check off the little boxes on my to-do list.  Done.  Accomplished.  Moving on.  Those are good feelings.  Organized.  Productive.  I could wrap myself in these words.

Confession: sometimes I will add things to my list that I’ve already done, just so I have more boxes to check.

Then there are the days when I already have so much on my list that I don’t have the time to add more.  Like today, when we are prepping for five days away from home on a mini-vacation to Gettysburg followed by a wrestling tournament.

We are all uber excited to go.  Hubby is in training for work during the days (we’ll miss him, of course…but FREE HOTEL ROOM!) which means hotel pool swim time and walks around town.  It also means feeding myself and three monkeys without going over budget or far off our nutritional track.

So included on the to-do list is a take-along food menu, grocery list, and grocery shopping.  Today is all about shopping, grilling, chopping, and bagging.

Of course, packing is a prerequisite as well, and I intend on making use of my Newtons while we’re there.  I look forward to running past historic sites and battlefields.  It’s unexplored running territory although I’ve walked or driven it numerous times.  So I’ve gotta pack cold weather gear (just picked up a new base layer and Buff head wrap yesterday) alongside our typical attire.

I’m also packing DVD’s and making use of my P90X app (I am starting back to P90X Classic as of today!).  Ghosts of Fitness Past

Nutrition and workouts don’t have to suffer simply because our routine changes.  It just takes a little planning and dedication to the lifestyle.  So we’ll take our fruit, cut veggies, Shakeology (yes, our blender too), hardboiled eggs, and pre-grilled meat.  We’ll pack our running shoes, workout bands, and DVD’s.

So there’s Part 1 of the list.

Also to be checked off?  Post office (mailing out prize packs and samples – WOOHOO!) and stopping by a friend’s to pick up a baby carrier (who wants to lug a stroller around museums?).  And don’t forget the marathon training.  At first, I began to panic and wonder how I would fit it all in.  Then the light bulb went on: multitask!  Few errands are close enough to our house to allow for running anything less than a full marathon, but these two are.  So I’m running to the post office, to my friend’s house, and home again.

What Runners Don't Tell You...Check, check, and check!

Add in that Hubby is home for Presidents Day (which allows me the freedom to run those errands) and I have faith that we can get it all done and tomorrow’s takeoff will be smooth and hassle-free.

(That hassle-free talk is my grownup version of happily ever after…we all know it isn’t real, but it’s nice to hear…)


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