When In Doubt…

Legend...Hold the Dairy...Yesterday, stomach bug.


P90X Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X, a four-mile run, and 15 minutes of Rockin’ Body.

I say “boo” and you say “YAH!”

It is truly amazing what a night of mostly uninterrupted sleep can do for the body.  As I was already aware of that, I made certain I was gonna get and took Benadryl with my nightly cuppa tea.  I saw about five minutes of Bones before zonk.

I woke groggy (Benadryl has its drawbacks), but slogged my way through the kitchen to my trusty old CuisineArt coffee pot (ran outta K-Cups before our trip and haven’t made a Wegmans run yet).  The coffee helped a tad; donning workout clothes helped more; tying that bandana on my head clinched it.  I was ready to sweat.

And sweat I did.  The Rooster allowed my session with Tony to go on while he and his ragtag band of superheroes (everyone from Batman to Ham from Toy Story made an appearance) saved the planet.  He snuggled in with a movie while I started the treadmill, which in turn lulled him to sleep and gave me time to test out my newest Beachbody purchase, Rockin’ Body (on sale RIGHT NOW for $19.95.  Hurry! Get it! Go!).

I even showered.  And put on makeup.  I am currently wearing non-workout clothing.  Not even yoga pants.  So let’s call today a success and completely ignore the fact that not a single piece of furniture has been dusted nor article of laundry tucked away.

I am off to parent pickup now with a travel cup of coffee to fend off the midafternoon slump and plans to have FUN with the kiddos when we return to the M&M Estate.

So was this just a babble fest?  A post without a point?

NO!  Here are your take-a-ways, my friends:

1.  Listen to your body.  If you’re sick (for real sick, not with a cold), take a rest day regardless of what’s on your schedule.

2.  When you feel better, jump right back in!

3.  Sweat is good stuff.  I feel better now than before my workout.  I am convinced I sweated all that nasty outta me.

4.  Some days, the chores can wait.

Oh, and number 5?

When in doubt…SweatItOut.



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