You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Today was my Official Day One of Shaun T’s Birthday Challenge.

Which means…

I was planning on starting another round of Insanity to improve my cardio and my endurance, and my start date happened to coincide with an awesome challenge from the man himself.  Seems Shaun T is doing his own program and posting about it every day – plus running a kick ass contest.  Post before’s and after’s according to the page rules and you’re entered to win a surprise visit – at your home – from Shaun T!  I don’t even care that my house is 8,000 years old and looks 12,000 years old.  I wanna have those abs in my house.


So I took that rather humiliating before shot.  Humiliating because just as I was beginning to recover from multiple holiday binges, I dove right into multiple Girl Scout cookie binges.  My lower body responded as though it had been held in by an invisible girdle that was quickly removed.  On the optimistic side, now I am even more motivated to stick to my stricter Paleo menu alongside Insanity alongside marathon training.

Plus, Insanity doesn’t kill my shins the way my training currently does.  (I have a meeting on Friday to learn more about kinesiology taping.  In the meantime, runs are slow and short and I’m wearing compression sleeves like they’re the latest runway trend.)  Added bonus?  The Werewolf joined me this morning and kept me motivated and smiley for the entire 40 minutes of Plyometric Cardio Circuit – even when I had to take a break during the second circuit (holy arm failure, Batman!).  My shins felt perfectly fine; I was able to complete more than I had expected; I got out of bed in time to do it before morning chaos.  It was great!

Then I stole some running time while the boys were quiet (the Werewolf was struck down with the same bug I’ve been fighting within an hour of finishing his workout – during which, he felt great).  I felt fabulous through that first 1.5 miles.  And then – something began attacking my shins.  Typically, it is only when I walk that I experience the twinges.  This was an all-out offensive during my run interval.  Which could change my training more than I’d like.


Stay posted, FitPeeps.  Cross your fingers for me.  And if ya have any tips on dealing with shin splints, please share ’em.  I’m ready to try anything – except not running…



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