Don’t Call It A Comeback…

Mostly because it’s just one run, just one day.

But damn, it sure did feel great.

Yay, me!

20130350There were twinges in my shins and a heavy pull on my muscles at times.  I will even admit to moments – mere milliseconds – of considering a shorter run.  But by the time I reached the base of the hill that leads to home, I was feeling my zone.  I had control of my breathing; my legs felt strong; and my manic mind was at last relaxed and happy.  So I pushed farther and instead of 3.35 miles, I ran 5.60.  That’s more than two extra for you math turtles out there.

I was hesitant to leave because (1) I was fatigued from shopping and driving all morning and (2) I was scared of how this run would feel.  Since I decided to speak more openly about what I consider my body’s recent betrayal, I have been a tad emotional.  Admitting that there actually is something amiss and my doctor taking my confession of “I’m just so tired” seriously can lead to panicked thoughts.  I typically squash them faster than Taylor Swift can break up with a boyfriend, but they’re still there.  There was even a moment during my run today that I allowed the thoughts to bubble up and nearly reach tear status – but then I realized that a good cry, while cathartic, would fuck up my breathing pattern and make my enjoyable run suck.  So like the Queen I claim to be, I sucked it up and sweated it out.  20130351

I feel better than I have in weeks.  Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow, when I have my long run scheduled.  But for today, my typically muddled thoughts are nearly clear; I finished my run in a pretty good time; and I still feel pretty great.  Add in that grocery shopping is done for the first week of my next Whole 30 Challenge; I have new workout clothes; I have new makeup; and Hubby made a fantastic-smelling dinner, and today is a pretty great day.

So go ahead…

Call it a comeback.



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