FitGal, Heal Thyself…

The Garage Of My DreamsSo we’re on Day 4 of the Whole 30 Challenge.

I am racking up the points (yes, I know I can’t actually win but I still like to compete) and noticing that the muffin top has nearly disappeared entirely and exclaiming to Hubby that I feel better than I have in weeks…when I suddenly find myself face first in a bacon cheeseburger deluxe/slice of key lime pie.  Oh – and a side of fries with mayo.

WTF, self?  I mean, really?  We were doing so well.

And we are again.  It was a cheat meal.  It happened before I really put any thought into it.  I was overjoyed as I inhaled the delicious scent of grease and oozing juices of my burger.  And then my daughter, that dear, delightful, precocious little child said sweetly, “How many points are you gonna lose for that?”

Who raised her, anyway?

But she’s right.  I know it’s a 30-point deduction for the meal, and I’m gonna subtract another 14 (that pie was a good double serving) on top of it for a whopping 44 points.  I could wallow, but that usually just leads to further transgressions (although the worst I could do right now is load up some whole grain bread with organic almond butter).  I choose instead to shake it off and move on, just as I would advise any one of my challengers to do.  And that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve had 3.5 pretty perfect days (okay, I did eat some Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies, but barely a full serving) so one meal will not break my stride.  Plus I forced myself onto the dreadmill today for a little over six miles and remembered to stretch after.  I even put most of the laundry away myself (the kids are finally becoming useful that way.  ‘Bout time.) and cleaned the new kitchen.

Am I still exhausted?  Yep.  Even had a few “head rush” moments throughout the day, but I’m kinda getting used to them.  Overall, the past two days have been pretty good compared to the last few weeks.  Plus, I am going to get blood work done tomorrow and I’ve already scheduled my cardiogram and CT scan – so answers will be forthcoming.  The ball is rolling and I am pretty proud of taking control of at least a portion of my own healing – my diet and my exercise.  I am practicing all those things I preach – drinking my water, eating whole and organic, sweatin’ it out.  fitness113

So look for me on that treadmill again tomorrow…and on my yoga mat on Friday…and runnin’ through the Water Gap on Saturday and Sunday, fueled by all sorts of grass-fed organic goodness.

I may be down but I’m certainly not out.


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