Bring Me A Dream...You can rest easy now, SweatItOut fam.

Your Queen has returned, resplendent in her Awesomeness.

It began yesterday, this longed-for return.  I awoke and felt…you know, like I was awake.  This is no longer a common occurrence in my kingdom and was a moment to be celebrated.  I was anxious for a workout that I could thoroughly enjoy but put sweatin’ plans aside to tend to our young Werewolf (who was down with the latest round of “the bug”).  I snuggled; I coddled; I twitched and itched to be moving.  As soon as I was able to maneuver it, I slid out of bed and began spring cleaning.

I scoured our new kitchen from ceiling to floor.  I washed and folded much laundry, nearly catching us back up after the death of our previous washing machine.  I organized and cleaned the living room.  Now, this may not sound like a momentous occasion, but trust me on this one, ok?  During construction, the living room has become our temporary gym/dining room/family room/office/closet, aka “The M&M Dumping Ground.”  Stacks of mail, old magazines, cookbooks, and school papers had multiplied like Gremlins.  I found enough dog hair under our misplaced dresser to create another dog.  And funny thing – while I had been just lounging about prior to my diagnosis – you know, eating bonbons and doing my best Peggy Bundy imitation – it seems everyone else in the Clan had forgotten just where exactly to place their personal belongings.

In the kitchen alone I found the following: coats, sweatshirts, Stridex, homework, earrings, and superheroes.

Anyway…you didn’t tune in for my tales of cleaning woes.  You want to know how I’m bouncing back, how I’m reclaiming my throne of AWESOMENESS.  Well, here’s this fascinating nugget: I’m not tired.

I did not stop yesterday.  I woke up today, punched the buttons on the Keurig, and went about being phenomenal all over again.  I cleaned more (the laundry is mere loads away from being caught up, just in case you were curious); I cooked; I loved up on my boys and my dogs; and then I ran.

I ran for nearly 7 miles in 70 minutes.  I ran with the incline on.  I ran with ease.  I did not stop because I was worn out; I stopped because I ran out of time and had to pick up our Bear from school.  I even snuck in an ab workout (just five minutes with a free app named – quite appropriately – “Ab Workout”).  I stretched.  I did my squats for the SquatItOut Challenge.  Still not tired.

Survived parent pickup, came home, cooked some more and did even more laundry (hey – there’s six of us and three are pretty active and one is a toddler).  Still not tired.  Rarin’ to go watch baseball practice and chase the Rooster around while he attempts to join in team activities.

I credit it all to my B12 shot and Shakeology (I’ve been drinking two shakes a day for the past two days).  If this is me after just one shot…I can’t wait to see me next week!

Life is normal.  Life is good.  I am once again AWESOME.

(Not that I ever really stopped being awesome…it was just harder to tell.)


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