It’s All Good

I ran 8.33 at a 9:30 pace this morning.  As I accept your kudos and adulation for my PR, I’d like to thank my mama, Elvis, and my homie B12.


I was weary at the start.  It took me all morning to get myself together and out the door.  Then BAM!  I hit that magical 30-minute mark and my legs felt strong.  My lungs felt full.  My head felt clear.  I threw intervals to the wind and just ran.

I felt so fantastic I wanted to leap and skip and twirl to show my sheer joy at feeling like me.  I contented myself with running faster.  (Notice all the italics in this post?  Because I feel very emphatic today.)  The sun was shining.  I was dressed appropriately for the weather (I have a slight learning disorder when it comes to proper attire for cold/warm/in-between temps).  My iPhone provided just the right shuffle of songs.  ‘Twas a fine day to be running.

I ran downhill.  I ran uphill.  And the uphill felt good.  I relished the strong push of my muscles as I climbed those hills, each one faster than the last.  I celebrated each strong breath I took as I travelled up those inclines.  The scenery is green again; I caught the scent of lilacs from a few yards and enjoyed the wilder vegetation as I ran further from developments and traffic.  I also realized I watch too many crime shows when I caught myself thinking, “This would be a great dumping ground for a body.”

I swear, I have no murderous plans (at the moment…).

Now I am home and RAVENOUS.  I already downed a pouch of tuna (I was too hungry to make an actual salad) and am currently chowing on not one but two baked sweet potatoes (granted, they are baby-sized).  I’ll finish, shower the running stink off me, and mix up my Shakeology.

What I’m trying to say, FitPeeps, is that this – THIS – is a FABULOUS Saturday.

I am healthy.  I have energy.  My firstborn is 9 years old today.  We have a quality family time planned, and I’ll probably eat some cake.

Ain’t much can top all that.


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