Shove it, Murphy…

Tapering? Why, whatever do you mean?
Tapering? Why, whatever do you mean?

Today is just one of those days.

Not one of those days.

One of these days…

1.  I had a GREAT run.  I felt strong and full of good breath with no pain or fatigue.  I ran just a tad over four miles at a 9:38 pace…and it was easy peasy lemon squeezey.  Fo’ rizzle, yo!  I could’ve gone much farther – and I very much wanted to do so – but I’m tapering now.  So instead of running farther…

2.  I did a CrossFit Mamas WOD.  Not exactly tapering material, but I was itchin’ for some strength training.  I haven’t been doing much, but the B12 has me feeling like a newer, brighter version of my old kickass self, and I wanted to lift.  It was lovely.

3.  The sun is shining and it isn’t cold.20130492
4.  I’ve been eating clean, drinking my water, and feeling craving-free all DAY, son.
5.  When I opened my mailbox, it was stuffed to the gills with faboo prizes for moi: Komen registration packets, my marathon gear (Boston tee, knee socks, running skirt), Activit vitamins from Beachbody, new magazines, my PayPal business stuff, and ItWorks wraps I ordered from my dear college roomie (I will keep ya’ll posted on the results of those).


6.  I think the kids are gonna stay calm.  I just have a feeling (or perhaps it is a desperate wish).

7.  My hair looked real cute.

I love these sorts of days.  I love them even more when they spring up unexpectedly after not-so-great days.  I would write more about the sheer awesomeness of my experiences this motivational Monday, but I am off to bask in the deliciousness of today and stick my nose in a good book (that’s just the icing, my friends).


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