Diggin’ The Running Queen…

pittsburghmarathon1We are nine days away and counting, FitPeeps.

The butterflies have come and gone.  Now I’m just doing my best to hold back on training so my body is ready to go the distance.

That’s right.  I said I’m doing my best to hold back.

Sounds strange for two reasons, coming from this gal.  1) In the past, I am not the sort to “hold back” – on anything.  I am more of a “I want to do it all/have it all/try it all rightthisverymomentgetouttamyway” sort.  And 2) For the last few months, I have been more of a “let me just sleeeeeeeep please” sort due to the then-undiagnosed Epstein-Barr.


I have gotten three shots of B12, re-cleaned my regular diet, re-upped my water intake, and refocused on getting my 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  (Although I gotta say, with the B12 kickin’ in I have a mighty hard time falling asleep, let alone staying there.  Melatonin is back on the grocery list.)

My runs are getting faster while I’m breathing easier.  My muscles are itchin’ for liftin’ and I’ve obliged slightly with a few WODs from CrossFit Mamas (blog link to your right).  I am forcing myself to rest and recover as my schedule dictates I ought.  But even as I type this post, my legs are dancin’ and I’m looking ahead to tomorrow’s run (with perhaps some more CrossFit Mamas thrown in).

I know I must taper; I know I must hold back.  And I also know I am incredibly thankful that I have to remind myself of this.  Three weeks ago, I was in tears wondering if I would even make the starting line because I was barely making it to the kitchen to get my coffee.

Now my goal is not to get overly cocky and run myself out in the first half of the race.  Because now I am ridiculously excited for every run and leap outta the starting gate full force.  I actually caught myself dance-running last weekend, boppin’ along ABBA.  (I dig those crazy Swedes.)abba

So two goals: don’t run myself out the first half and try to contain my ABBA-shakin’ hips.

I can guarantee at least one of those.



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