Driven to Distraction

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So I killed my run today.  Slaughtered it.  Mutilated the sucker.

But it was only two miles! <previous sentence to be read in a quite petulant and Fran Drescher-like whine>thenanny

As difficult as training has been in recent months, now that I’m on the other side of sickness, tapering may be even worse.  I have all this energy, all this desire, all this incredible need to keep running, lifting, crunching, dancing…and nowhere to put it.  (I’m not going to expend it cleaning.  Get serious.)  My runs are not just shorter.  They’re short.  I was just hittin’ my zen zone when *poof!*  I was done.


So I’m making do with daydreams of future workouts.  Oh – and I’m putting the Ultimate Reset on hold.  I cannot imagine…No, check that…I do not want to imagine what THREE WEEKS of no workouts would be like right now.  I shudder at the thought.  So I’ll be recovering with light stuff and a 3-Day Shakeology cleanse post-marathon and then jumping right into my P90X/Insanity hybrid on 5/13.

In the meantime, I am restraining myself.  Focusing on eating clean and hydrating often.  Playing around on myfitnesspal just to see the word “exercise” at the top of the screen.  Trying not to peruse Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram for fitness photos.  Attempting to sleep at night while my nerves jangle and my feet wave back and forth under the covers.

None of it totally works.  So I count down the days.  I post on SweatItOut.  I do more laundry, take the dogs out, read.  And pretend I’m not lusting after a sweaty body, hard muscles, or heavy breathing.

Which gives me another idea for distraction…


PS: If you want to join me in the Shakeology Cleanse, email me at with the subject line “Shakeology.”  The cost is $50 and includes 9 packets of Shakeology and 6 bags of green tea plus one-on-one coaching from yours truly.


PPS:  If you want to join me in the P90X/Insanity Hybrid Challenge Group (which will be those doing a hybrid or one of the programs alone), email me at with the subject line “May Challenge Group.”  You must be my customer or on my coaching team in order to participate.  The programs can be ordered at

Friendly Competition


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