Making Cutbacks

So here it is, one week post-marathon and my EBV symptoms are still partying on.  They’ve even invited guests!  What was simple fatigue and allergies is now accompanied by a nasty rash, increased joint pain, and a tenderness around my kidneys.  My next doctor’s appointment is Friday morning (along with my next shot o’ the magic B12) so I have high hopes of getting this resolved.  It’s all about being proactive and keeping some sort of control over my body.ebv

This certainly is not the worst I have felt so I still have my silver linings.  I felt well enough to make the trip to Philly and walk in the Mother’s Day Race for the Cure with the fam, thus maintaining our 4-year tradition.  I am making it far past mid-morning before my energy bottoms out and minimal resting time is required to get me through the rest of my day.  So things could definitely be worse.

That is my mantra the last few days: things could definitely be worse.  In my effort to look on the bright side, I’ve chosen something of a pessimist’s optimism.  Probably because I’m feeling quite sorry for myself in a way that I dislike intensely and also because I’m just too tired to not be an Eeyore at this juncture.  I am once again over-researching (EBV can lead to all sorts of scary things that are far worse than the virus itself; but chances are somewhere in the 1-in-a-million category – just enough to strike fear in my weary little heart) but at the same time, I really am taking some action.So-youre-saying-theres-a-chanc-AkfO

For instance, today is Day 1 of both a new Whole 30 Challenge and my InsanityX Challenge Group (I’ve chosen a hybrid of Insanity and P90X as my training for the next 90 days).  Because both of those things lend to “natural treatments” I have been reading and re-reading all afternoon: a high protein, high vegetable diet devoid of junk food combined with exercise can sent EBV right into remission.  Those are things I’m supposed to do anyway and advocate on a daily basis, so BAM!  Done.  And I feel like I may just have a grip on those reigns again.

Which is highly important to a Type A gal like myself.  I don’t like not being in control over anything, let alone what happens to my own body and its various parts.  I’ve been overly emotional contemplating how my fitness level is not where I expected or wanted it to be at this point.  I worry that the rash is a sign of liver swelling (as my over-researching has announced it could be) and that I may not be able to actually participate in the Spartan Race I just signed up for this very morning.  I worry that I can’t run any more marathons if this is what I must deal with afterwards.  Or that I won’t be able to complete the Beachbody programs I want to complete.  Or that I will spend the coming summer seeking the coolness of my sheets instead of the sunshine by the pool with my kiddos.

I know I can always turn to yoga – and hey, Tai Cheng is on sale over at Beachbody all month long!  And I have heard amazing things about meditation.  I’ve just always been more of a “let’s really and literally attack the problem” sort of girl.  You know, go hard or…well, go hard because that’s really the only option that makes sense to me.  (Catchy phrase, right?  Just rolls right off the tip of the tongue.)  This may be the turning point…after I finish the next 90 days of Insanity and P90X, of course.  (You know Jenny is another term for mule, right?  I think my parents were quite apt with my name.)


But seriously…I do plan on paying extra close attention to how I feel and what the workouts do for me.  If I must adjust, I will.  Because I really did learn my lesson post-race: I may not be able to do it all, all the time.  I may have to pick and choose.  For instance, I think maybe I won’t be running the full marathon at VIA in Allentown this year; I’ll likely do the half instead (even though it killed me to write that).  That way I can still run the Runner’s World Hat Trick in October.

See?  I’m cutting back.  For real.






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