Boo and YAH

Not only did I finish Plyometric Cardio Circuit today, I didn’t have to modify at all until the second round of Level 1 Drills.  (Standing to plank to 4 pushups to mountain climbers to standing and repeat.)  May not sound like much, but after last week, I’m gonna view it as a major accomplishment.  Plus I cleaned my bathroom, switched the laundry, and emptied the dishwasher.

No, I am not one of “those…”  You know who “they” are.  The Facebook posters whose lives are so much busier than everyone else’s because they do household chores…I’m just pretty proud of myself because I typically slack in my duties as Domestic Goddess.  This time, I can blame EBV (no for real!  I was doing pretty well till the flare up, I swear!).

I digress.  My point, inside my ramblings somewhere, is that I am feeling pretty fantastic.  Now, you can credit the coffee or the E&E Formula or the B12 shot or post-workout endorphins or the fact that I’m halfway through Day 2 of my Whole 30…or a combination of them all (my personal belief).  I plan on continuing exactly what I’m doing because it’s working.  I feel like me today.  I even picked back up with the video blog and have plans to make another one (because there’s a lot of new SweatItOuters that just don’t know enough about ME yet – and I’m hoping desperately they can read my sarcasm fonts).

So for those of you wondering – YES.  The challenges are FABULOUS.  I have reclaimed my energy and my motivation and once again booted EBV into remission!  And much faster this time around, I might add.

Maybe it’s the lucky bandana again…

ME. :D
ME. 😀

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