Learning Curve

So here we are, day 8 and the start of week 2 of the InsanityX Hybrid Challenge.

Just in case you haven’t been following my Facebook and Twitter and Instagram accounts (And uh…why haven’t you been following, exactly?  I’m witty and motivating there, too.), let me fill you in on just what I think of this program.

I freaking LOVE it!!!!20130586

My arms are already more defined.  My abs are reappearing.  Running does not produce six packs or biceps; months of solely running destroyed the definition I had worked so hard to attain.  To say that I am pleased about its return doesn’t quite describe how I feel about such quick results.  Supercalifragilisticexpialaawesome would be a bit closer.

I know it’s more than the workouts.  It’s muscle memory, a return to Paleo, increased water intake, and a more regular sleep pattern combined with the workouts.  I’ve also started an ACV (that’s apple cider vinegar for you non-drinkers out there) regimen that has nixed my allergies and my cravings in one fell swoop.  All around, I am feeling at least as fantastic as I felt pre-marathon, but with only about half of my cockiness.


I learned this time around.  No really – I did.  When I feel EBV-tired now, I actually stop what I’m doing and rest.  I say EBV-tired because I have learned to distinguish it from I-don’t-feel-like-putting-away-laundry tired and Oooh!-there’s-a-new-episode-of-Long-Island-Medium-on-the-DVR-queue tired.  Happily, there are moments when all those tired’s coincide.  But my point (see, I didn’t forget) is this: I am listening to my body now.  I will take 30 minutes of rest time despite knowing the to-do list is looming vs. a week of necessitated sleep (which creates a much larger to-do list in the end, seeing as no one else in the house seems to grasp what exactly it is that I do all day.  They do, however, notice a strange correlation between my absence and a decrease in their clean underwear).

So now I am able to maintain my overall fabulousness.  I kick ass when I’m up; I rest when I’m down.  Everything evens out.  I’m not bouncing off the walls and dancing jigs every moment of the day, which was pretty much standard pre-marathon.  I am experiencing a fairly steady level of energy from day to day, which was not the case post-marathon.

I will admit, there is a teensy red devil of cockiness sitting on my left shoulder and she is convinced thatdevil this new sense of understanding combined with the returned get-up-and-go plus the months of training time available make the VIA marathon seem like more of a possibility.

I’m not shooing her away just yet.



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