Behaving Badly

I’ve been on a bender, folks.

A food bender, that is.  I could find lots of excuses for you (last day of school celebration, niece’s graduation, unexpected travel, rainy days, I felt like it…) but really it boils down to not practicing what I preach so very very loudly.


The workouts are still going strong (okay, I skipped yesterday, but truly valid schedule disturbance) and I have plans to delve into a mini-detox over the next three days to get firmly back on track.  Well, actually, I was gonna start that detox today, but I forgot about the sushi and the spectacularly delicious peach loaf.  They will be gone by the end of the day, that I can promise you.

Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s just that I feel comfy and warm and slightly sloth-like while watching the torrential downpour from the safety of my desk chair.  I believe that if I were sitting poolside (or chasing the Rooster poolside/floating with the Rooster in the pool/desperately trying to entertain the Rooster at the towels), I would not still be bingeing my ass off.  Or my ass back on, as it were.  I would be all “I only eat clean and drink Shakeology and water.  Blahblahblah healthy healthy healthy fit.”

Instead, I’m typing this confession and listening to my daughter pop popcorn and I’m all, “I wonder how popcorn would taste with peach loaf.”

So I’m off the wagon again.  Not feeling so guilty about it, though.  More like I’m just chillin’ and remaining cozy and relaxed until real summer begins.  The kind with sunshine and productive days filled with movement and fresh fruits (I ate that too, really.  And I drank my Shakeology.  I am still eating all the clean stuff, too.  Just adding in some extras).  The weatherman promises it will be here Wednesday (briefly) and then again this weekend.  I’ll be ready and light and sweaty.

But for today – I am snacking on my daughter’s Make It Monday Pink Lemonade Cookies and crunching popcorn while we watch some Buffy.  Okay.  A lot of Buffy.  cookies

It’s raining.  It’s summer vacation.

And even FitQueens exhibit poor behavior and now and then.




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