Point Taken

Looks pretty.  Feels crappy.
Looks pretty. Feels crappy.

I was right.  Not surprising, because I typically am.  Just ask Hubby and the kids.

But this is one time I would have quite enjoyed being wrong, because the EBV flareup is throwing a little symptomatic party in my honor.  Everyone’s here!  Fatigue, insomnia, muscle spasms, back and shoulder pain, confusion.  It’s a real blast…

What did I do to prevent it?

Absolutely nothing.  I did the double workouts and ate the processed foodstuffs and drank the sugary lemonade at Jubilee Day.  I skipped my B12 shot in favor of sleeping in the morning after a midnight homecoming, only to realize now I will be forgoing two weeks of shots because the doc is on vacation this week.  And I stayed up past my bedtime for really important Candy Crush business.

I’d put myself on time out for bad behavior, but my body has already taken care of that.

So it’s a Shakeology cleanse and a modified workout schedule again.  Perhaps a nap with the Rooster in a bit.  Definitely some rest time throughout the day because the morning chores are already taking their toll.  I’ll be researching sublingual B12 and scheduling a session with the chiropractor in the hopes of being a tad more independent from my doctor in these instances (plus then I may be able to avoid the needles altogether.  I am not particularly enthused at the thought of another cortisone shot).

I am taking back control a little at a time.  This of course means taking a long hard look at my workouts and events, which is not necessarily something I want to do.  Well, not in the way I need to.  Adding in – yes, that’s fun!  I love to add more!  This time though…this time it’s a cutting back.  More like a hacking back.  I’m not about to give up my Spartan next month but the marathon has yet to be officially added.  So training will be restricted to my InsanityX Challenge schedule with short runs replacing any solely cardio workouts.  I am 90% certain my body can handle that.  And we shall see where I stand after the Spartan.

What it comes down to is respecting my body and following my own orders.  I nag so many people about food choices and workout habits while I breeze on past, oblivious to my own hypocrisy.  It is hard to be pious about one’s diet with one’s face in a funnel cake.

Point taken, universe.





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