The Big Bash

big bash
…and you’re not invited! Yay!

Can’t we all just get along?

No, seriously.  Can we stop with the memes and the black-or-white mentality?  There are so many shades and colors to life.

I have grown quite weary of the lifters hating on the runners; the runners hating on the gym rats; the gym rats hating on the at-home exercisers; the at-homers hating on the crossfitters.  I mean, enough already!  We can all agree that there are basic facts to getting and staying fit: mix your cardio with strength training (be it weights or body resistance), eat clean, hydrate plenty, sleep well.  Aside from that, do what makes you happy.  Find your soul mate workout and do it.  And while you’re doing it, try and refrain from lunkhead comments about anyone else’s soul mate workout.

I love my Hubby.  (I’m going somewhere with this; just hear me out, okay? Okay.)  For me, he is just what I require: funny, easy on the eyes, recognizes my Queenly status, loves our children with his whole heart.  Does this mean every other man on the planet is deficient?  Shall I create memes and status updates and Instagram photos degrading every other Hubby out there?  That would be STUPID, right?


I run because I love running.  Not because it’s great for muscle definition – because it isn’t – or because it helps me do more pull-ups – because it doesn’t.  I love it because it frees my mind and loads me up with endorphins and gets me out of the house and my head.

I lift because I love lifting.  Not because it helps me run longer or faster, but because it frees my mind and loads me up with endorphins and gets me out of my head (I’m in the living room for this one).

I could also tell you how I love TurboFire, Insanity, at-home WODs from CaliFit Mamas, and yoga.  And my reasons would be the same.  Now, if you have other reasons for loving your soul mate workout, that’s great too.  Because if we were all the same, life would totally suck.

In my ideal world, we would all share what works for us in an encouraging manner.  We would cheer each other on in our fitness pursuits because we all know that we’re trying to make our health and our lives better. 

So if you see that girl on the treadmill for over an hour, keep your lecture on overusing cardio to yourself.  She may be training for a marathon.  (Ahem.)

Stop busting on members of Planet Fitness (but go right ahead with the company itself, because I truly think they do not have their members’ best interests at heart).  Not everyone who goes there does so for the free bagels and pizza.  It may be the gym membership they can afford.

Working out at home isn’t for sissies either.  We may live too far from a gym with childcare.  Or we may simply enjoy the comfort and convenience of our living rooms.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t putting everything into that session.

And while I’m at it, women need to stop bashing other women.  For the love of all that is holy, shut the fuck up about “real women have curves.”  We actually come in all shapes and sizes, thanks.  And you if have such an issue with muscled or thin women that you feel the need to berate them…you may actually have issues of your own (psst…that’s called jealousy). Real women have curves, biceps, abdominals, toes, belly buttons, and noses.  Get it?

When did it become okay to trash women for being proud of the work they’ve put into their bodies?  Training for any event, be it marathon, figure competitions, or obstacle race, requires hard fucking work and dedication.  (Yes, I’m aware that I’ve said “fuck” two times in as many paragraphs, but this really fucking irks me.)  They have every right to be proud of the evidence of their struggles.

If you get a promotion at work, write a novel, give birth, or finish a Pinterest craft to perfection…you’re gonna show it off and tell people, right?  I know you are because I have Facebook and I see that shit all the time.  Congrats!  I am truly and seriously glad for your success.  So why is it so offensive when women are proud of their actual bodies?  Chances are, if it’s something you find irritating, you haven’t put that same work in to your own health.  Maybe you should.

Okay.  So I needed to get that said.  I dislike the trend of making others feel small so that we can make ourselves feel bigger.  The strong lift up those around them.

So which are you…weak?  Or strong?



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